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UFT 12: Staying in step with Application Lifecycle Management 12- Part 2

Michael-Deady ‎03-24-2014 07:00 AM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:20 PM

What is (Unified Functional Testing) UFT 12?  As we all know, the integration between UFT and ALM has always been one of the key features of HP Software’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite of tools. With the introduction of ALM 12, the UFT development team had the opportunity to incorporate the latest functionality of ALM 12. While the team was evaluating they took this opportunity to stabilize and enhance UFT 11.5—which in my opinion they have successfully done. After installing UFT 12, I was able to pick up work right where I left off with 11.5.


What is the first thing you do when you get a new install disk no matter the application or tool? If you are like me you immediately open the readme file to see what’s new. Do you like the new DVD smell and spend time savoring this moment. It’s more likely that you’re probably one of the 80 percent of people who have a wait-and-see attitude when a new major release comes out. At a former employer, we actually had a filling cabinet that was referred to as the “black hole”. It which was started by a gentleman who joined the company in the 70s and upon his retirement 30 years later my team inherited it. Just like the sediment layers of an ancient civilization, we were able to find notes, documents, software, and even hardware dating back to the early ‘70s. Our treasures included punch cards, magnetic tapes, Commodore operating software on 5 ¼ floppy disks, 3 ½ disks for  Windows 1.0 and a Windows ’95 CD. Additionally we found an unopened Mercury interactive WinRunner version 7.5 user guide.


What’s in the drawer?


The gentleman who created this “black hole” was in charge of all new technology and innovation. (For the three years I worked with this gentleman we didn’t introduce a single new version of software, applications, or tools outside of what was already being developed by IT team during that time.)


With today’s technology changing on a daily basis, testing professionals can no longer take a wait-and-see attitude toward major releases. This can be difficult from the standpoint of gearing up and implementing new tools and/or software.


Note: when reading the help file will notice the omission of backward compatibility which I learned only after installing it UFT 12 (see the readme file ALM integration)


Wisdom from the trail blazer


Once you begin your install process, I highly recommend reading the help file. It is amazing how difficult a simple task can be when it has to be performed over 50+ PCs which doesn’t seem to have anything in common. The first thing  you will notices is that when the install it’s less complex install especially when it comes to prerequisites part of the install. That one seemly simple task may not seem like a lot unless you’re a lab manager you have to install this UFT 12 on 50+ PCs none of which seem to have anything in common.


Note: almost all of the documents you will read for UFT list both the minimum and recommended hardware requirements (which are characteristically on the same page). One easy upgrade trick I have is to re-label the recommended hardware requirements to minimum requirements (as shown in figure 1 & 2) before showing the document to upper management.  On several occasions this has given me the benefit of getting replacement PCs in before completing the upgrade—saving me heartache and lost sleep.


In the video that accompanies this article, you will notice that it is approximately seven minutes; the upgrade actually took a little under 30 minutes. (Most of that time was a result of my lack of attention to the install.) This can be remedied by a developing a silent install, thus removing the human factor in the equation.


Some of the features that I particularly like about the install are that all of the add-ins including ALM were included in the add-in/customize page. This reduces the overall configuration time of UFT 12. In the past, the install was only the first of several steps to configure UFT to run on your local PC—this is no longer the case. After completing the connection to ALM, I was able to edit and test my UFT 11.5 scripts almost immediately.


(While you may also take this opportunity to upgrade your license server, I found that it worked with the previous server configuration without having to upgrade.


I want to let you know that there were a few features that I was unable to test at this time. This included the multi-language install on the same disk and the new enhanced authentication processes which were incorporated in the new ALM 12 install package. In addition I opted during the video not to configure the DCOM objects which I will cover in later articles.


If you’d like more information on UFT 12, you are more than welcome to download HP software product manuals here. .


In follow-up articles, I will talk more about the enhancements and features of the new ALM suite and of UFT 12. These are improvements above and beyond the improved install process (which I also consider a new enhancement for those underpaid lab administrators—be it virtual or physical). I’d like to hear your horror stories, either about installs that gone terribly wrong or what dusty old relic you have found sitting on a shelf or behind all that junk in your file cabinet. What museum do you think your relics along in?


In case you missed it, here is your opportunity to read my first peek blog post at the new ALM suite.



For Existing Customer Updates:


For Evaluating Customers: link for electronic download evaluations




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