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Use HP SaaS to monitor the performance of web and mobile applications

HPE-SW-Guest ‎04-25-2013 02:18 PM - edited ‎06-09-2015 01:13 PM

Guest post by Fabio Sartori,

BSM Products Offerings Manager, HP Software as a Service


The IT landscape is going through phenomenal changes, driven by the pervasive growth of mobility, social, big data, and the advent of cloud computing. Gartner predicts 90 percent net-new growth in device adoption in the next four years represented by smartphones and tablets.[i] IDC estimates approximately 4.5 billion personal clients devices will be on the network by 2015[ii].


These statistics are indicative of the great transformation that is happening for a majority of IT organizations world-wide. The transformation has been spurred on by new offerings that help IT organizations accelerate the progress toward solving their most pressing challenges (including accelerating innovation, enhancing agility and improving financial management). These shifts can unleash the power of IT, not by simply supporting operations, but by helping shape the business to grow.


This means that access to your applications is also changing. Your organization and, most importantly, your customers are marching aggressively toward a highly mobile-centric personal and professional life. You need to lead the transition in your accounts and in your territory; otherwise the network will change ahead of you and the doors will be shut on you.


Application performance is business performance


The need for managing the availability and performance of your applications using Application Performance Management is a no-brainer. Outages and performance degradations are costly because they result in revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, productivity loss and liabilities related to unachieved service level obligations. As you know IT Operations are complex and transforming them is taxing, no matter the size of the organization. You need to be in control to prevent potential outages.


If a problem occurs you need be able to detect, diagnose and resolve it fast. Yet the rolling out of new applications, new web site designs, especially mobile, are occurring at a faster rate than ever before.  Often mobile apps and updates to websites are deployed by the business while monitoring is not yet in place resulting in situations where performance could deteriorate but not detected soon enough to prevent the end-users (the consumers), from being impacted.


Monitor your applications, protect your reputation


HP Software provides the Application Performance Management tools you need to monitor the health and availability of your mobile and web applications. Proper management gives your operations staff the ability to know of performance problems before your end-users experience a slow or unresponsive site –thus protecting your reputation.   


This is why we developed HP Performance Anywhere. Let me explain more about our thinking behind this new offering.

HP Performance Anywhere is the new on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Application Performance Management. It monitors applications proactively across traditional, mobile, virtualized and cloud environments. HP Performance Anywhere combines information collected from the application itself with information collected from simulated user transactions. This provides a comprehensive view of application availability and performance through a pervasive worldwide network of monitoring points of presence.


You can view your web, mobile and traditional applications the way your users experience them:

  • How long is it taking to log in?
  • How long does it take to look up an item in a catalog?
  • How long does it take to complete a purchase?


And when delays occur in componentized applications, thanks to HP Performance Anywhere in-build powerful self-learning Analytics algorithms, you know just where to focus your efforts to get the application component fixed quickly. (Read a more technical paper here)


Connect your application development and IT operations teams


HP Performance Anywhere bridges the gap between application development and IT operations teams. IT operations need a way to spot application performance degradation and isolate the cause. Development teams are invested in application performance too, and need the information available in application monitoring tools to establish baselines, improve performance and predict capacity needs.


As development teams move to continuous delivery and simplified release approaches, the connection between development and operations becomes even more critical. HP Performance Anywhere enables ongoing collaborations to both – known as DevOps.  With a fully collaborative DevOps environment, amazing progress is achievable. Developers can better test applications in real-world circumstances and get quick feedback on performance. Operations staff has quick access to the right developers if problems occur during rollout or when changes are made.


Why HP SaaS - What’s in it for you?


At HP SaaS we’ve made our mission to combine and enhance depth and breadth of leading HP Software products with the benefits of delivery the software via an as-a-Service model. The results include:  

  • Faster time to value
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Easy to deploy, easy to use, secure and highly available


HP SaaS introduced Application Performance Management solutions in 2000. Since then we’ve continued to build a solid market position around the comprehensiveness and industrial strength of HP Software products by making them ready-to-use, fully managed solutions offerings.  We understand the definition of SaaS, and enhance our offerings with managed service consultancy capabilities. Our customers realize the benefits of HP Software in a matter of days and without the upfront costs and integration time required of typical on-premise installations. This helps accelerate the project and overcome objections related to budget, time, requirements and learning.


SaaS: availability, security and support


HP SaaS primary data centers are fully redundant and hardened HP Data Centers. Our server farms are built using highly available, distributed architectures that make use of virtualization for speed of provisioning, scale and operational efficiency.


Service interruptions are protected with the network redundancy provided at HP’s hosting datacenter. HP SaaS operates a Central Notification System to communicate with customers regarding maintenances and outages. In addition, SaaS offers reporting, information library, self-service end-user administration, social collaboration support and management functionalities for its customers. These are available through a dedicated multi-service SaaS Customer Portal.


HP SaaS is certified for the WW Information security standard – ISO/IEC 27001:2005. The security controls used to provide our service are in compliance with the standard requirements. Additionally, HP SaaS is officially registered to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust and Assurance registry.


HP SaaS staffs and maintains a 24x7x365 support operations center—which is the single point of contact for requests related to our offerings and provides ongoing break-fix support. Our customers can contact HP SaaS via a dedicated web portal. Our personnel provide support to the customers directly or, when necessary, coordinate the delivery of HP Software support.


Try HP Performance Anywhere and see it for yourself today!


HP Performance Anywhere

After you try Performance Anywhere, also take a look at the full line up of HP SaaS solutions for Application Performance Management



BAC Anywhere (formerly rent-a-pop)


[i] Gartner’s Top Predictions for IT Organizations & Users, 2012 & Beyond: Control Slips Away (23 November 2011)

[ii] IDC: The Empowered IT User: How Individuals Are Using Technology & Redefining IT (March 2012)

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