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“What does a name change mean to me?” A look at the new HP UFT 11.5

Michael-Deady ‎11-06-2012 08:00 AM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:37 PM

Get ready to put HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5  at the top of your wish list 2012 and 2013. The newest product of the ALM software family was released today, and I am excited to have it just in time for the Holidays.


I want to begin by covering the name change, but that would be easy to convert into what I call tech lingo “QuickTest pro (QTP)and Services Test (ST) on steroids”. Or, I could compare UTF other automation tools currently in the market—but that wouldn’t be fair or fun. 


So I’ll do what I like to do, which is talk about a new automation tool and how it could help us do our jobs better. I’ll try to cover the overall scope impact this will have across testing, development and the application development lifecycle.


In this first article I would like to cover some of the new enhancements and new features.  In later articles, I will go into more detail and build some user-case scenarios, as well as give ideas of how new seen and unseen improvements can help even make your job that much more enjoyable.


First, I’m going to list the ones the marketing group knows you’ll like and then I’ll uncover some of my favorite’s enhancements:


  1. Straight out of the box is the 2 tools in 1 package, Quick Test Professional (QTP) user interface and object recognition type of testing and Application Programming Interface (API). They are used for the testing of composite applications and/or software components to communicate with each other. This jewel will allow the Automator to create test using the presentation layer or simply automate the interaction of the at application layer.
  2. New technology or new applets, no problem.. With Image-based object identification (which I’m calling Image-based intelligence) you can now learn an objects (or images) different states and convert that into a recognizable object within the object library. That’s correct, no more waiting for HP software to develop new protocol or patches to support new objects or developing your own work around. I understand this was developed by HP Labs.    
  3. Have you ever had the opportunity to work and debug two or more scripts at the same time? Well, now you do! I had almost forgotten how nice it is working with a true Integrated development environment (IDE ) interface.  Thank so much R&D, IOU.

Here are my favorite hidden or unknown advancements:

  1. I talked about Image-based intelligence. I held something back (I had too) and that is the ability to switch from object to Image-based identification and two other types of recording methods (low-level and analog) while creating new scripts.
  2. New Functionality and Performance is not the only thing they changed about the Business Process Testing Tool (BPT). You can now develop and run a complete test case with flows from UFT. Hooray!
  3. Yes the rumors are true. Object spy has given up his top hat for the Indiana Jones look with sun glasses. That is not all. He is also giving up his autonomous status and is now in an open relationship with the object repository. FINALLY
  4. I have the solution in the IDE. Just like real developers we can now create complete solution libraries which can include multiple QTP test cases, API test cases, Business components, Function Libraries, etc…
  5. We have class. Yes we can create public and private classes, just as in the pass with function and subs now with in UFT.  Ready NEW SET GO! HELLO WORLD (What’s next ALM workflow? Hmmmm, thoughts?)
  6. API’s tool supports more than just VB Language and that’s all I’m saying on that subject (for now). 
  7. UFT Checkpoint can read and support PDF files and that’s not all!
  8. IE and Firefox are now supported along with several new addins for language, object and protocol supports by UFT GUI.
  9. Enhancements of the API testing over Service Test with object-based modules and actions
  10.  Better interaction with HP Sprinter to aid in the development time of new scripts and even better when you include BPT.

I’ve covered 13 of my favorite enhancements or features that I think you will find very interesting. However, the documentation still needs a little work. The inclusion of communities, links and support outweigh the need for detailed documentation. I look at this new feature as the ability to write the best user guide ever. I am now able creat best of breed community of peers inside the tool — it is far better than anything else written in a help file.


As soon as you can, I would recommend that you download link to UFT  and then after playing with the tool for a couple hours I would like you to write your own comments and recommendation here in the HP community about your experiences with UFT 11.5. Please don't take my word on the subject, try UFT for yourself and you tell me what you think.







About the Author


Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for Teksystems, center on quality, aimed at client's satisfaction, and long-term success. Perceived by clients, peers, and supervisors as a leader with the proven ability to lead development and quality assurance teams through software-development life cycle phases, to ensure quality of new products. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.

on ‎11-07-2012 01:37 AM

Great post Michael.

Really captures the main new advancements we did in UFT 11.5 but from the typical user point of view and not from the marketing one.

Looking forward reading your next publications who might even expose our new exciting  integrations in Mobile Testing, Service Virtualization, Sprinter and more.

Warm Regards  


on ‎11-07-2012 05:41 AM



Thanks for the comment, I should have to place a spoiler alert in front of your comments :). I'm hoping to expose the sub plot of add-in, sub functionality, performance, and Ingreation in future articles.
Sometimes when writing this stuff I like to think of myself as a mystery novelist like a nerdee John G.    



on ‎11-07-2012 08:37 AM

a lot people have ask me for the direct download link to UFT 

mallipeddi 1234
on ‎11-08-2012 08:18 AM

The setup has QTP 11 and Service Test 11.2 ; can you provide link for UFT 11.5 to download?

on ‎11-08-2012 09:13 AM

What I understand from Marketing is the GA version will be release the Frist Part of next month.




on ‎11-09-2012 07:51 AM



Sounds fascinating.


Do you know what or how much of these changes will be available in QTP-Essentials? And when?

on ‎11-12-2012 05:50 AM



I been told by Marketing that it seem fair to assume that at this time the GUI enhancements in UFT will also be supported in QTP Essentials 11.5. In all fairness to you I don't know, cause they don't like telling the nerdy guy's like me anything.  




on ‎11-13-2012 10:18 AM

Hi Michaele,


This is definitely a great new for QTP Testers. I love to work with it.


So what about debugging improvements other than multitest debugging. Like class debugging, opening libraries when loaded using executefile...


I saw your videos. Those are showing test flow for single test with multiple actions. What about test batch execution capabilities here?


I hope you already covered these points.

on ‎11-13-2012 12:01 PM
on ‎12-11-2012 01:22 AM

Amazing facts!

The shared link leads to QTP 11, is it UFT 11.5 or the older version?

on ‎12-11-2012 06:21 AM

I contacted Marketing Monday and it Look Like UFT download will be ready late next week. As soon as they publish the link I will post it here.



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