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Re: “What does a name change mean to me?” A look at the new HP UFT 11.5


I contacted Marketing Monday and it Look Like UFT download will be ready late next week. As soon as they publish the link I will post it here.



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Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for Teksystems, center on quality, aimed at client's satisfaction, and long-term success. Perceived by clients, peers, and supervisors as a leader with the proven ability to lead development and quality assurance teams through software-development life cycle phases, to ensure quality of new products. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.


Great post Michael.

Really captures the main new advancements we did in UFT 11.5 but from the typical user point of view and not from the marketing one.

Looking forward reading your next publications who might even expose our new exciting  integrations in Mobile Testing, Service Virtualization, Sprinter and more.

Warm Regards  





Thanks for the comment, I should have to place a spoiler alert in front of your comments :). I'm hoping to expose the sub plot of add-in, sub functionality, performance, and Ingreation in future articles.
Sometimes when writing this stuff I like to think of myself as a mystery novelist like a nerdee John G.    




a lot people have ask me for the direct download link to UFT 

mallipeddi 1234

The setup has QTP 11 and Service Test 11.2 ; can you provide link for UFT 11.5 to download?


What I understand from Marketing is the GA version will be release the Frist Part of next month.







Sounds fascinating.


Do you know what or how much of these changes will be available in QTP-Essentials? And when?




I been told by Marketing that it seem fair to assume that at this time the GUI enhancements in UFT will also be supported in QTP Essentials 11.5. In all fairness to you I don't know, cause they don't like telling the nerdy guy's like me anything.  





Hi Michaele,


This is definitely a great new for QTP Testers. I love to work with it.


So what about debugging improvements other than multitest debugging. Like class debugging, opening libraries when loaded using executefile...


I saw your videos. Those are showing test flow for single test with multiple actions. What about test batch execution capabilities here?


I hope you already covered these points.


Amazing facts!

The shared link leads to QTP 11, is it UFT 11.5 or the older version?


I contacted Marketing Monday and it Look Like UFT download will be ready late next week. As soon as they publish the link I will post it here.



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