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A Partner's Experience at HP Discover


The other day I was reflecting back upon Discover, rereading blogs from the event and the blog from Darren Blumenthal, Alliance Solution Architect, from Accenture, really stood out to me. His recap of the week in Barcelona truely captured the moment. With Darren’s permission I’ve reposted his blog below. Enjoy!




What I discovered at HP Discover

Darren Blumenthal

Posted on January 15, 2015


HP proved they can still invent things.


My Mind = Blown.


From it being the largest conference that this South African expat has ever experienced, (along with 10,000 delegates and 2,000 HP staff), to witnessing the launch of technology that will undoubtedly make a difference in people’s lives; the adventure of HP Discover 2014 in

Barcelona still excites me long after it took place.


I wish to share my eye-opening experience with you, from hoverboards to mobile healthcare units, with the hope to create conversations and spark ideas that will make your eyes light up and a permanent grin appear on your face as we realize the potential of rethinking new technologies and applying them to age-old problems.


The Machine

machine.pngHP challenged 60 years of traditional computing design to create The Machine. Having rewritten the operating system and re-architecting traditional computing as we know it, using electrons for computation, photonics for communication and ion mobility for storage – HP have built The Memristor.


One of the most exciting use cases for me was the fact that each one of these Memristors can hold up to 4TB of storage.

Now imagine if you put one of these Machines in each cable TV modem at consumers’ homes. Before you come home from work one day and discover there is a fault, each cable modem has already phoned home to its service provider, and talked to each of its neighbors in the vicinity to identify and isolate where the fault could be. The media company could then send out a technician to repair the fault before you even need to sit on the phone for hours trying to figure out why your services weren’t working.



But that’s not all. With the sheer enormous capacity that these Machines can hold, one could store the entire catalog of, for example, Netflix or others on the cable modem itself. This frees up all the bandwidth in the area from streaming traffic, only trickling updates to each Machine as they become available. No more congestion on the networks. No more need to throttle customers. No more need to provision larger bandwidths.


Blended Reality

A phrase coined by HP referring to the twilight zone that merges your virtual reality with your physical reality.


My words cannot do this immersive computing any justice, so please watch the short video at the official site to see what made my jaw hit the floor. HP Sprout.




The Connected Car – an example of The Internet of Things

The Cape to Cape challenge is one of the most grueling of driving accomplishments. Beating the world record requires nothing short of what Astronauts and test pilots call The Right Stuff!

long.png                                                        car.png


Every millimeter of the epic 19,000 kilometer journey from Nordkapp in Norway to Cape Agulhas in South Africa was captured in real-time and in unprecedented detail by innovative HP end-to-end technology. Tiny sensors embedded throughout the entire car fed Big Data analytics back to the drivers and the team via GPS and displayed on HP Tablets.


I was priviledged to meet the actual car that, along with its drivers, set a new world record of

completing the trip in 9 days even *with* an accident in Tanzania!


Rural healthcare

Using cloud, networking and Big Data Analytics to improve the lives of people everywhere on the planet, with the deployment of mobile pathology labs constructed out of old shipping containers.

Each eHealth facility is solar powered with a UPS and hot and cold water, a separate consulting room, and facilities that allows nurses to upload digital photographs of skin conditions and symptoms via satellite. Remote medical professionals can then diagnose patients based on the information presented, and prescribe medication and treatment to rural citizens who cannot travel the enormous distances to the nearest medical facilities.


We are truly plugging in the most remote of people.


They promised. They delivered.

last.png25 years ago, the film Back To The

Future portrayed a world set in 2015 with flying cars and hoverboards.


We don’t have the flying cars yet, but at HP Discover, I enjoyed a peek at the new Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax. A one-of-a-kind technology that changes the way people think about mobility, making the impossible possible.


“The future state of IT is not just about technology. It’s about ensuring that the business and technology are working together,” said Mike Nefkens, Executive VP, HP Enterprise Services.


Back to the Future is now the present in 2015


It is this kind of re-thinking that excites me about the world we live in today and that we don’thave to wait another 25 years for mindblowing innovation.


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