A Proven Solution Stack for Hyper-convergence

By Kirk Manzer


Next week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s the week I spend with customers at Citrix Synergy.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is once again a platinum level sponsor and we look forward to talking to our clients about new solutions we’ve developed around Citrix workloads to address the unique needs of our customers in the Healthcare, Engineering, and Financial services market.

While these are hot markets, HPE recently launched a new Hyper Converged System for the Mid-Market.  This launch is another illustration of how HPE is empowering organizations to transform to a hybrid infrastructure while simplifying IT operations and reducing overall costs.

Now, let’s talk about Hyper-convergence.  If you look at Gartner reports, they describe it as a “nascent” market. Don’t worry I had to look that word up too.  It means, “Just coming into existence and beginning to show signs of future potential”.  But what is hyper-convergence?  One definition stated it is, “a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources and other technologies from scratch in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor.” The keys to that statement are tightly integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources, supported by a single vendor. 

Start with the HPE DL380 HPE DL380, 2 Haswell CPUs with 12-36 cores, 256GB of memory expandable to 1.5TB, either all HDD or  hybrid configuration up to 24TB, 2 K1 or K2 GRD cards from NVIDIA, add in HPE VS StoreVirtual software, and you can connect two to sixteen nodes together by adding a couple of 10Gb and 1Gb switches.  Your compute, storage, and networking is complete.  Add in enterprise proven Citrix XenDesktop and you have a hyper-converged, tightly integrated solution that can support 100s to 1000s of users depending on your configuration and users.  And if you leverage Citrix PVS with RAM Cache you will reduce IOPs, and free up storage within the infrastructure that can be used to support user profiles, or even user data. 

And to top it off, the long-standing well integrated relationship between HPE and Citrix.  These are companies that have long worked together, know how to work together, and complement each other. 

Sounds like a lot of marketing hype, but it is real, and can be seen at Citrix Synergy.  Stop by the HPE booth #875 to learn more about the HPE Hyper-Converged story, the capabilities of the HPE HC380, and its brother the HPE HC250. Come see what HPE Hyper-convergence can do for you.

During the event you won’t want to miss the ‘twenty-two’ in theater speaking sessions, where you can meet the experts and register to win hot HP Tablets, and HP Laptops nearly every hour!

A special grand prize drawing will be held during our dedicated speaking session entitled:

“Deliver a great user experience for engineers with new solutions from HPE and Citrix”

  • SYN126, May 25, 1:30PM – 2:15PM

In this session, you will learn how new HPE and Citrix offerings meet the unique challenges of engineers
and how we’re leveraging cloud-based solutions and hyper converged platforms to meet our clients specific digital transformation objectives.
We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

For more information on the HPE and Citrix Alliance, visit: &

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