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A lot more than a lousy T-shirt


t-shirt_larger, cropped.jpgBy Greg Chabot


I haven’t visited too many touristy gift shops lately, so I don’t know if these souvenirs are still around. I assume they are because they are useful and cheap guilt relievers. I’m talking about the T-shirts emblazoned with the message: “My parents went to [insert name of touristy destination} and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.” You spend a couple of bucks and make fun of the joking accusations your kids make about being abandoned for a week. (Hmmmm, maybe they aren’t joking)


Customers might feel a similar sense of pseudo-abandonment when they see their IT vendors go off to an event like the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC). “What do they do? What do they talk about?” you ask. “I bet they don’t give us a second thought,” you might say. But just the opposite is true. Customers are central to all of the activities and discussions at these conferences, even if attendance is restricted to IT companies only.


In the end, you end up with much more than a tacky T-shirt. You get advanced solutions that come directly from the strong partnerships that are reinforced during the event.


Doing WPC in “style”
HP will be spending much of its time at WPC finding new and better ways of working with Microsoft and other partners to help you transition to the New Style of Business. The question is not whether enterprises need to operate with increased simplicity, agility and speed, while also reducing costs and risk. That’s a given.


The real question is how enterprises can best reach those goals. HP is working closely with its alliance and channel partners to develop, build, sell and deliver solutions in four key transformation areas that will streamline the process of making the New Style of Business a reality.


Four areas, one goal
HP has an impressive portfolio of solutions that address the 4 transformation areas. Our goal is to make it easier and faster for you to access the capabilities you need to compete and thrive. Our solutions help you:

  • Increase agility and profitability by transforming to an On-Demand IT Infrastructure. You develop and deploy apps faster, optimize workload performance in a traditional or hybrid cloud, and leverage latest generation technology.
  • Boost employee productivity and customer experience by supporting ubiquitous access, seamless communication, and the ability for employees to use apps in their personal and professional lives interchangeably.
  • Accelerate growth by Empowering a Data-Driven Enterprise that allows you to efficiently store and convert massive amounts of information into insights quickly, resulting in better and faster strategic decision making.
  • Protect from risk and threats by securing your enterprise, data and apps from cyber and other risks, enable rapid disaster recovery, as well as tailor your IT capabilities to comply with regulatory requirements in a protected way.

What we’ll be doing at WPC is:

  • Identifying partners with specialized expertise who can add even greater value to our solutions
  • Working with additional partners to enhance the availability of our solutions and ensure that you can continue to work with your IT vendor(s) of choice
  • Looking ahead to the future to identify new areas where we can help you make the most of the New Style of Business to advance and thrive

 A T- shirt with a different message
So while you won’t be with us in person at WPC, you’ll definitely be in our thoughts and plans throughout the event. The solutions we’ll bring back for you mean you’ll be able to buy your own T-shirt – one that reads “The world’s greatest transformer/super-hero” and wear it with pride,


More information on the 4 HP Transformation Areas and their ability to serve as catalysts for change is available here.

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