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By Ken Adams

I completed my National-C, U.S. Soccer License a few months back. The course spanned
9- days, 12-hours a day. I started planning a year in advance, arranging for time off from work and ensuring my domestic responsibilities were covered.

When I returned I had lost 10 lbs. My wife said it must have gone to my head. I couldn’t wait to apply the knowledge I gained to both my club and high school teams respectively.

In some ways attending Microsoft Envision is like earning your National-C license, but with a lot less running. Well, actually, some of the booths are pretty far apart. When you return you too will be eager to put your knew found knowledge into practice. The good news is you don’t need to plan a year in advance; just register here

If your ticket has already been punched you must attend the Transformation Workshops. They are led by HPE Global senior experts in a small group setting and will greatly enhance your ability to lead in the idea economy focusing on the following fundamental question.

  • What is your current situation?
  • What will your journey look like?
  • What can be achieved in business terms?
  • How do you develop an actionable transformation roadmap to drive business outcomes?

Transformation Workshops are available 4-6 April during exhibition hours, simply stop by HPE booth #119 and register for a 45 minute 1:1 session and choose your topics and preferred time.

Choose a topic:

  • Empower the data-drive organization – discover the value of your data alignment of business and IT vision, combined with an understanding of information value enabling your data to drive your enterprise forward

  • Data-Driven decision making for IoT – unlock the value of IoT and empower your IoT strategy applying Big Data analytics from the endless data exchange into actionable intelligence.

  • Enable workplace productivity - Explore how to build an aligned program to focus on the digital workplace which maximizes personal productivity (desktop, mobile, application/apps), team productivity (unified communications and collaboration) and maintains secure, seamless access to the info and tools that are essential.

  • Office 365 Transformation - Are you considering Microsoft® Office 365 as part of your workplace productivity strategy? Achieving all of the benefits of Microsoft® Office 365 while maintaining regulatory compliance and ease of use requires comprehensive planning and alignment. Experience Hewlett Packard Enterprise's approach to helping you prepare for the transition and migration—built on our proven workshop approach and extensive experience in implementing Microsoft solutions.

OK, this sounds a whole lot easier than getting your C-License, but just as valuable.

We’ll see you in “New’orlans.”  No. “N’worleans.” Ugh.  “Norleans.” “Nawlins?”  

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