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Accelerating Partnerships at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference


Yes, we are ready, we are excited, we cannot wait!


So, why do people attend WPC?

There are many different reasons partners like you give for why they choose to attend WPC.


Here are the top five reasons given for why partners are attending #WPC14 this year:

-          #5 To meet one-on-one with key Microsoft executives

-          #4 To learn more about the Microsoft Partner Network and its impact to business

-          #3 To find new ways to increase profitability

-          #2 To build new business relationships with other Microsoft partners


And the #1 reason partners gave for why they will be attending (drumroll please) is to learn more about Microsoft’s roadmap for new products. If this is one of your main reasons for attending this year, we are on this journey together. This year, WPC 2014 attendees will be able to learn all of the highlights and ins-and-outs surrounding the Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support (EOS).


As you may know, Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2003 will reach the end of extended support on July 14, 2015, details on benefits and opportunities around this announcement will be explained in depth via Coffee Coaching later next week, stay tuned! 


During the conference days we will be participating in these discussions with many of our HP partners attending WPC, we hope to meet you as well!


Where? You'll be able to find us networking around and having fun by our HP booth. (Look for booth #101 on your floor map!) 


**Be sure to check out the WPC Session Catalog to plan your time at WPC and if you are looking for what HP is after this year make sure to review this blog entry: You may have seen one but you definitely haven’t seen them all 


If you haven’t already, register now so you don’t miss this great event! If you are unable to make it to the event in person, remember you can attend virtually and watch the vision keynotes live on


Be sure to join the Coffee Coaching community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more information on #WPC14 and the WS2003 EOS. 

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