Act now: upgrade from Windows Server 2008 with simple solutions to keep your business running


You're facing End of Support (EoS) for Windows Server 2008, so now is the perfect time to upgrade with HPE Small Business Solutions with Windows Server. For added security against cybercrime, the efficiency of cost-saving technologies, and the benefits of a cloud-ready platform, there is no better time to modernize your legacy Windows Server 2008 environment on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers with a current version of Windows Server.

HPE and Microsoft
have worked together for over 30 years to combine our respective strengths and deliver innovative technologies, services, and support that help you transform your business. Running Windows Server on HPE ProLiant servers allows you to take advantage of these IT innovations while further reducing security risks and disruptions.

To enable you to migrate to a modern environment, HPE has built several use case recipes that will keep your business running for both on premise and cloud.  These recipes, we call Small Business Solutions, range in configuration sizes to accommodate from small office to remote office/branch office of SMBs. 

  • HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup help keep your business running and improve employee productivity. Featuring centralized storage and security, data protection, 24x7 availability, and HPE Secure Encryption, these solutions can help protect your business, increase efficiency and productivity, and save time and money.
  • HPE Small Business Solutions for Hybrid File and Backup enable you to adopt a simple yet robust business continuity plan. With optional Microsoft Azure Services or through a colocation partner, you can easily build a hybrid cloud solution on top of your on-premises HPE Small Business Solution for Storage and Backup with Windows Server.  With Microsoft Azure Services you can add on services such as Azure Files, Azure File Sync, and Azure Backup with the on-premises HPE ProLiant server to automatically copy your files both to Azure Files in the cloud, and to the HPE ProLiant server at your office. And data is encrypted at rest and in motion for security and compliance.
  • HPE Small Business Solutions for Hybrid Database combine an on‑premises HPE ProLiant server with Microsoft Azure or collocated partner cloud services. This gives you the ability to access Microsoft SQL Database in the cloud so you can scale as needed to keep pace with application demands. Plus it helps you keep your database available and protected with a robust business continuity plan that backs up data in the cloud and on‑premises.
  • HPE Small Business Solutions for High Availability Storage with Microsoft® Storage Spaces Direct gives you scalable, software‑defined storage that keeps data available while freeing you from the cost and complexity of traditional storage arrays. Did you know that Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct is included in Windows Server Datacenter?  Furthermore, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct allows you to go from HPE ProLiant servers running Windows Server to your first Storage Spaces Direct cluster in under 15 minutes.[1]

With the Windows Server 2008 End of Support deadline fast approaching, the need to upgrade legacy environments has never been more compelling.  Take action now as older systems provide a perfect target for cybercriminals because these systems are so easily penetrated.

For more information on EoS, go to this website and watch this Ask the IT Expert – Keep the Business Running video.




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