Affordable data protection with HPE Apollo servers and Veeam Availability Suite

By Parissa Mohamadi 

Have you lately been challenged with finding a data protection solution that (1) fits your budget, (2) simplifies backups and restores for your IT staff and (3) is reliable enough in reducing downtime?  You’re not alone. Many businesses today do not have data protection mechanisms or even storage specialists on staff. A simple yet reliable data backup system is critical to keeping the business running, meeting ever‑evolving user expectations, and remaining competitive.

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How can HPE and Veeam help?

The new Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Veeam data protection solution Reference Architecture (RA) features the Veeam Availability Suite and HPE Apollo servers as the backup target. This RA is verified by HPE and Veeam and provides multiple configurations specifically built, tuned, and tested for Veeam with different performance and capacity.

The solution delivers a simple and cost-effective data protection infrastructure. Here’s how:

  • Rapid backups and restores: Write backup data to local storage in the HPE Apollo server to reduce the time it takes to backup/restore critical applications and workloads you no longer need to transfer data to and from a separate storage resource using either a Fibre Channel or Ethernet based transfer medium.
  • Scalable and simple: Instead of deploying a solution based on compute-only and storage-only components, you have a converged solution with HPE Apollo Server that has not only hundreds of terabytes of local storage capacity, but also the required compute resources run the Windows® operating system and Veeam Availability Suite software on the same server.
  • Cost-efficient: You don’t need additional storage licenses to deploy the storage capacity of the HPE Apollo server.
  • Proven protection: With joint HPE and Veeam testing, you have the blueprint for configuring hardware and storage resources with minimal additional tuning. 

HPE Apollo Server and Veeam Availability Suite Configurations 

Here’s a table that summarizes the small, medium, and large configurations for the HPE and Veeam data protection solution based on HPE Apollo servers and the Veeam Availability Suite.HPE Apollo - Veeam configs.png

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Parissa Mohamadi, a product manager in HPE Storage marketing organization, leads sales enablement and go-to-market efforts for HPE storage data protection solutions for key workloads (SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, VMware) as well as for backup/recovery software such as Data Protector, Veeam and Veritas. Prior to this role, Parissa led Microsoft solutions management on HPE storage and has served in product marketing/product management roles in HPE Server organization.


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