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Virtualized storage adapts beautifully with customer growth

Although you may be considering business data analytics to fuel customer growth, it’s impossible to guess exactly how quickly or how much growth will happen.  Virtualized storage is a simple solution that can efficiently collect data and scale easily to meet growing workloads

Storage virtualization combines physical storage resources so that data volumes can be shared cost-effectively. It reduces the cost of storage and makes it easier to manage the storage required for data analysis. It also provides space-efficient data replication to improve data availability.

Virtualization of storage ensures that platforms can scale as needed to handle large volumes and varied types of data. You may not always know the extent of the volume needed before beginning analysis. This uncertainty makes the need for virtualization even greater, providing an environment that has the capability and capacity to meet unanticipated demands for the processing of very large data sets.

Start off simple and ensure solutions are always right-sized

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Just Right IT products offer flexible storage deployment options to fit any requirement, including StoreVirtual shared storage arrays along with the HPE MSA storage platforms.  These HPE Just Right IT products help you to build a strong data-centric foundation with a flexible architecture meant to handle accelerated data growth, simply, reliably, and affordably.

HPE’s MSA 1040 and MSA 2040  deliver proven, affordable and scalable modular storage platforms.  Both products provide intuitive management and solid data protection, with easy, upgrade-in-place capabilities.  

HPE StoreVirtual storage solutions also provide you with a simple growth path.  Starting with software-only solutions that are free and easy to use, you can expand your solution to StoreVirtual hardware solutions for more power and capacity when needed.

HPE’s Just Right IT portfolio of products and solutions are designed for the needs of smaller businesses. They provide the ability to start off as small and simple but grow as needed. Make the most of your BI applications with HPE Just Right IT, using virtualized storage to support your business analytics solutions.

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