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Are hybrids really all they’re cracked up to be?


By Greg Chabot


My cousin Denise has a hybrid.  Always telling me how great it is. Performance, reliability, safety – all tops. And the mileage? Unbelievable.  I try to avoid her at family reunions. She knows I have a 15 year-old gas guzzler and enjoys rubbing it in because I haven’t gone hybrid yet.

Now I know how enterprises feel when they haven’t made the move to hybrid in their IT operations. Like me, they’re spending a lot of time and money trying to maintain and feed an outdated environment.  And they’re going nowhere fast because their non-hybrid just doesn’t have what it takes to get them to their destination.

But for them, making the transition is a lot easier, thanks to HP’s Transformation Areas. Designed to help companies get to the New Style of Business, these areas not only help you make the move, but  also  make sure the changes you implement are the ones that will have the greatest positive impact on your operations and deliver the best results.  Check out my overview blog posted a couple of weeks ago on the four Transformation Areas for more information.    

Why hybrid?
transform.jpgHybrid is important because it is a proven way to extract top performance and efficiency from your applications, allowing you to get better value from your existing infrastructure. The solutions available from HP and our alliance partners deliver everything  it takes to go hybrid. We’ll help you:

  • Modernize to an agile data center
  • Hyper-converge to run your apps better
  • Deploy hybrid cloud
  • Transition legacy apps and workloads from old to new
  • Easily consume and manage SaaS applications
  • Deliver high-quality mobile applications
  • Automate and orchestrate IT processes
  • Enable agile development-as-a-service
  • Accelerate application delivery with cloud technology
  • Transform the entire Application Delivery Lifecycle—enable your developers, reduce time-to-market and continuously improve

Select the solution and approach that’s best for you
HP can provide outstanding solutions in your transformation to hybrid. HP Helion Cloud System Enterprise is the #1 ranked private cloud with self-service provisioning. Our Managed Cloud Services offer pre-defined configurations aligned to your workload, offering more choice, control, faster provisioning and reduction in costs. The various products in the HP OneView suite delivers a single-pane-of-glass control for your hybrid infrastructure, with one-click integration of analytics.

Our alliance partners also team with HP to provide outstanding joint solutions.

  • HP and Microsoft take familiar platforms you know and own - from mobile devices and desktops to data center and cloud - and build integrated solutions. We also provide services and support that help amplify the speed and effectiveness of your business, grow your competitive edge, and deliver tangible business results.
  • HP and SAP combine their analytics, cloud, mobility, and business process solutions to provide you with seamless, secure, context-aware experiences for your SAP environment.
  • HP and VMware deliver proven solutions from the desktop to the datacenter and into the cloud. Together, we are the market leaders in end-to-end virtualization solutions and work closely together to deliver New Style of Business solutions you can rely on.

The best environment for your applications, whether traditional, mobile, or cloud-native, is unique to your business. Whatever your needs, HP and our alliance partners have the right fit for the right workload that can enable your desired business outcomes.

Look for more coverage of HP’s 4 Transformation Areas in upcoming blogs.  If you’d like more information on these areas now, check out the Enterprise Solutions page on
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