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By Juergen Sommer 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – SAP Co-Innovation has delivered amazing results. Based on the reality that no company in the industry can build the future on its own, Co-Innovation is key. In our strong Co-Innovation Eco System, we are working together with other industry-leading innovators – including SAP - to develop joint solutions that will make our customers’ journey to the Digital Enterprise faster, easier, and more confident.

Today, I’d like to invite you to join this group of thought leadership. And you can take the first step by meeting with me at the HPE Guru bar at SAPPHIRE – Booth #456.

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Let’s build the future together

I'd like to meet with you and have an open dialog to understand how you see the future, what are your big bets, what is your approach towards the Digital World. Let’s discuss how you use latest technologies like Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and others to shape the future. In return of course, I will give you our perspectives and put you in touch with the right HPE experts for deeper discussions, if you like.

Our Co-Innovation focus
In line with our joint vision of the Digital Enterprise, we are Co-Innovating in the SAP space in the three major areas:

1. The Digital Core - As the amount of data increases dramatically each day, we are seeing a demand –beside the growing data lakes - for more in-memory capacity for the digital core to be able to operate huge volumes of data in-memory in a mission critical way. We have made the Digital Core a strong focus of our Walldorf SAP Competence Center where engineers for HPE and SAP work together to extend our in-memory footprint with future technologies. They are also working on Enterprise Application Continuity and Data Tiering concepts.

2. The Platform – According to Gartner’s concept of Bimodal IT, customers have the need for future platforms that support both the traditional IT and the apps based idea economy. We are working on concepts with software-defined infrastructure which combines both, including of integration of the data lakes.

3. The Edge – HPE is shifting shift left with our HPE Converged Edgeline Server series. This allows us to bring massive compute power to the edge. This will enable customers to run applications and analytics directly at the Edge, where they normally have no data centers. HPE and SAP are working together to understand the compelling use cases and the requirements to run SAP analytics and applications on the edge, to avoid the unnecessary transfer of huge amounts of sensor data backwards for analysis or transactional execution. Other areas we jointly explore are connectivity, security and location based services, to secure and enrich the edge data.

If any of these areas speak to you. Then I encourage you to stop by the Guru bar at SAPPHIRE and speak to me.

Great content at a powerful event

HPE is an Onyx Sponsor at SAPPHIRE, which will be held from May 16-18, 2017. In addition to the Guru Bar, the HPE Booth #465 will feature 30 +Theater Presentations, demos and much more. Check out the HPE SAPPHIRE site for complete information.

I look forward to seeing you there.



juergen sommer.jpgJuergen Sommer has more than 23 years of experience in global senior strategic alliances, business development and business & IT transformation roles within hardware, software and services. As a technically-savvy  thought leader, he is driving the Co-Innovation agenda towards the Digital Enterpise together with SAP and the HPE partner ecosystem. 


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