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Benefits and Features of HP SmartDrive for HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers


Every seven to ten years, technology delivery undergoes a major shift that opens up new business and access models. This shift often changes the way organizations consume technology and the value this technology can bring and offers new opportunities for IT to help organizations solve their most pressing challenges such as the need to speed up innovation, enhance agility, and improve financial management. With movement to unstructured data, and the need for more and more capacity, storage solutions like HP SmartDrive are a critical component for success.


"The HP SmartDrive product portfolio consists of both 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF) and 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF) SATA and SAS hard drives and solid-state drives and features an entirely redesigned hot plug carrier."


This carrier’s enhanced display clearly communicates what activities are occurring on each drive so the user does not have to translate the multiple combinations of blinking LEDs. This intuitive design for communicating drive activity, location, and helps customers save time and avoid data loss. 


Enhanced Diagnosis and Display

-          A blue “locate” backlight allows for easy identification/location of a specific driver or set of drives. This is critical for saving time in an environment that may have drives in a confined space.


-          The activity ring clearly indicates the status of the drive and will either spin clockwise at a constant speed (anytime the device has one or more outstanding commands) or will be hidden (when the device is off).


-          The status indicator shows the different states that a drive can be in at any given point in time. It will be either off (when the drive is not configured by a RAID controller), or different states of green and amber (indicating stages of configured, rebuilding, or failure—displayed below)


 Hard Drive Status Indicator.JPG


Avoid Human Error and Data Loss

HP SmartDrive helps users avoid human error and the loss of data that can occur when a user removes a device prematurely while data is still in flight. A “Do Not Remove” indicator prevents failures due to accidental or premature removal of drives while they are processing. 


Authentic HP Qualified Options

Finally, HP Gen8 servers with HP SmartDrive can determine if the drive and carrier are authentic HP qualified options. If the device is not authentic, data on the device is still accessible, but the carrier LEDs will not be controlled. If this is the case, alerts are sent through system monitoring tools.


HP SmartDrive products include a comprehensive portfolio of drive technologies and simplified management for HP customers.


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