Benefitting from the Alliances “Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure” sessions in London and beyond

By Greg Chabot

For years, I thought the guy down the street was a long-haul driver. He always had one of those Freightliner heavy-duty trucks parked in his driveway. Come to find out he was just an ordinary Joe who figured that rather than buy a different vehicle for every occasion, the smart thing to do was buy something that could do everything. And to him, a Freightliner was big enough and bad enough to handle everything. The high initial cost, low gas mileage, difficulty finding a parking spot downtown didn’t matter because he was the king of the road.  

transform.jpgTechnology used to be like that. Now, there’s no reason to overpay, overbuy, overprovision, overdeploy. Hybrid infrastructures combines traditional IT, private, managed and public clouds, so you can power 100% of the workloads that drive your enterprise, allotting tasks to the approach that can handle them most effectively and efficiently. That’s why Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has made “Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure” the first of its 4 Transformation Areas – the ones that can help you transition to the New Style of Business.

Solutions that keep on truckin’
If you will be attending Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 London, you’ll be able to get an in-person look at what HPE alliance partners can offer you in this transformation area.     

PwC will offer one session on its own and another with Adobe:

  • Session #6986 - PwC shares market insights on hybrid infrastructure, the new IT frontier. The session will provide insights on the convergence of IT skills, dynamic operating models and flexible governance - all critical elements on the roadmap to hybrid infrastructure. The challenges are great, but the reward for IT is a pivotal role in the strategic business agenda.    
  • Session # 6322 - PwC + Adobe will discuss the five steps to DevOps success. The session will explore the issues organizations with traditional operating models face today, how to address these challenges, and a framework for measuring preparedness for DevOps transformation. It will also cover the common pitfalls that can obstruct DevOps adoption.

Wipro’s session will cover sourcing and fulfillment in “as-a-Service economy” using Wipro and HPE's BLDC platform. You’ll learn how to use standardized workload blueprints designed to migrate seamlessly across providers and apply the retail industry’s principles to IT sourcing.  Session #6299.          

Sogeti, Capgemini, and HPE will present the results and recommendations of the World Quality Report (WQR) 2015–16 in terms of how they impact quality assurance and testing teams in companies undergoing a transition to the New Style of Business. Attend to learn valuable insights on today’s global testing landscape. Session #6309

SUSE’s session will focus on the newest HPE ProLiant-optimized configuration for private cloud – HPE ProLiant for SUSE OpenStack Cloud. Simon Briggs of SUSE will speak about the overall program around the HPE ProLiant optimized configurations for private cloud and the new reference architecture built around SUSE OpenStack Cloud on HPE ProLiant DL Gen9 Servers. Session #7538

Staying on the other side of the pond?
While attending HPE Discover 2015 London in person is the best way to get in on the excitement of the event, you can get complete information on all of the solutions available to help you Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure even if the closest you only get to London, UK is London, Ontario: London, California, or “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London. You can:

  • Learn more about the 4 Transformation Areas on the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise home page. Click on "Solutions.”
  • Find out about the solutions our alliance partners offer for all Transformation areas:

Complete information about Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 London is available on the event home page.  

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