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Better than flipping a coin? You bet!


By Cameron Foley


I know that statistically, the chances of a coin flip ending up heads are exactly 50/50. Same with tails, naturally. But I coin flip.jpghave a cousin Jules who would dispute those numbers. Jules has to be the unluckiest person in the world, because I don’t remember him ever winning a coin toss. If he calls “tails,” it always comes up heads … and vice versa. To balance things out, there’s probably a cousin Jules in a parallel universe somewhere who always wins coin tosses.

What amazes me is that the coin toss – with its 50/50 odds - is still an acceptable way of making decisions in so many areas. But in retail, where 50/50 just won’t cut it, thank goodness there are tools like Data Driven Decisions for Retail from HP, Sogeti, and Microsoft.

Improving the odds
Success in retail is based on making the right decisions all the time. Mis-read customer preferences and the competition wins away your business. Don’t accurately spot trends and you end up in the same retail backwater that so many former big name retailers and teen-oriented chains have recently done.

Data Driven Decisions help retail organizations engage with customers in new ways by leveraging the latest innovations in mobility, social media, location-based tracking, and the Internet of Things. This solution goes beyond the fragmented information now provided by analytic models embedded in separate commerce, CRM and order management systems and makes it possible to identify customer behavior across all channels of engagement and provide predictive guidance for the next touch point.

As a result, 50/50 becomes close to 100%, rock-solid certainty.

A solution from three, odds-on favorites in IT
Sogeti has worked closely over the past year with both Microsoft and HP to develop this solution as part of a Data Driven series targeting multiple industries. The solutions offer a cloud-based, BI environment where all employees can share insights, collaborate and access reports from anywhere using a familiar interface: Microsoft Excel.

Data Driven Decisions for Retail includes Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (APS) and HP’s ConvergedSystem 300. Sogeti’s proven implementation methodologies for retail bring the technology together everything to create an ideal tool for today’s rapidly-evolving retail marketplace,  

  • Microsoft APS offers scalability for data growth and the ability to synchronize structured or internal data with unstructured or external data such as blogs, social media and other public online data sources.
  • The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform is designed by HP and Microsoft to deliver high performance, throughput, and capacity. Scalability and massively parallel processing (MPP) support high-volume data demands and Hadoop all seamlessly in one appliance. It allows for immediate access to relevant and timely data from across an entire organization, enabling faster and better decisions.
  • Sogeti incorporates proprietary best practices and methodologies to manage the entire process from beginning to end including expert consulting, analysis, proof-of-concept services, deployment planning, full implementation and testing.

Why leave it to chance?
For today’s retailers, success and growth means turning every customer interaction into a richer and seamless experience across their multiple channels. This is something that doesn’t happen automatically, nor can it be left to chance.  Luckily, Data Driven Decisions for Retail leaves nothing to chance, offering a proven way to empower the retail community to anticipate the desires and aspirations of their customers.

Attend the HPE Discover 2015 London session to learn more
TB6262 – Tues 1:00
TITLE: Unleash enterprise innovation with Sogeti’s industry solutions
DESCRIPTION: Sogeti’s industry solutions, built on Hewlett Packard Enterprise ConvergedSystem for Microsoft Analytic Platform System (APS) and Power BI, create a proven platform for visualizing, modeling and reporting data insights for industries including Healthcare and Retail. Join us to learn how to unite structured inpatient and outpatient data. Find out how to converge real-time inventory visualization and notifications from external sources and Social Media. Learn to capture and analyze data to improve your decision-making.

And if you won't be attending the London event ..  
You can learn more about the Data Driven Decisions for Retail solution by reading the press release or visit the Sogeti site.  Complete information on the HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform is available here.

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Cameron Foley is an ardent sales and marketing professional with experience in fast-paced, highly visible positions. She has held senior management positions in Sales at Digital Equipment Corp and Trans Union, as well as Corporate, Field and Partner Marketing at Sun Microsystems, IBM,  and VCE. Cameron is currently Alliance Marketing Director, Microsoft and Capgemini Alliances, at HP.  She holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from Franklin Pierce University of New Hampshire and a Digital Marketing Mini-MBA from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

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