Boost server storage density and reduce storage costs: HPE Gen10 + Windows Server 2016

Your customers need a server solution that can keep pace with today's business demands! Take a moment and learn how HPE Gen10 server technology can help your customers improve their server storage density (and reduce their storage costs) when paired with Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Today we will focus on a few key features of Gen10 and Windows Server 2016: NVMe capacity, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, Storage Replica and Storage Spaces Direct.1

The newest generation of servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Gen10, introduces substantially greater NVMe capacity for large write intensive workloads allowing your customers to accelerate their data-centric applications for fast caching and storage, reduce their transaction costs for latency sensitive workloads, and deploy bigger, more affordable, data sets to gain new insights from larger memory pools.

In conjunction with the Gen10 portfolio, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory can transform your customers IT infrastructure, providing higher levels of performance while delivering increased levels of reliability and efficiency.

HPE Scalable Persistent Memory delivers:
- New levels of application performance, enabling customers to conduct business operations faster
- Up to 20x reduction in database restart time preserving increased up-time2
- Up to 27x faster checkpoint operations enabling significantly faster business operations3

Of course, when you pair Gen10 Servers with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 the memory and storage benefits don't stop there! Microsoft Windows Server 2016 technology helps customers maximize their server investment with a suite of capabilities that boost performance and efficiency. Let's look at how Storage Replica and Storage Spaces Direct, found in the Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2016, can help customers control and manage their data storage.

Storage Replica can help your customers reduce downtime and increase the reliability of their business data. How does it work? Great question!

Storage Replica enables replication of volumes between servers or clusters for disaster recovery. It also enables users to create stretch failover clusters that span two sites, with all nodes staying in sync. Storage Replica supports synchronous and asynchronous replication:
- Synchronous replication mirrors data within a low-latency network site with crash-consistent volumes to ensure zero data loss at the file-system level during a failure
- Asynchronous replication mirrors data across sites beyond metropolitan ranges over network links with higher latencies, but without a guarantee that both sites have identical copies of the data at the time of failure

Now, let's take a look at Windows Server Storage Spaces Direct and how it can benefit your customers. Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is a software-defined storage solution based on Storage Spaces technology. It uses internal storage drives such as SATA/SAS HDD, SSD, and NVMe disks to create shared disk volumes. Distributed among several cluster nodes, these volumes can withstand disk, node, and cluster failures, and continue to operate normally without downtime. This can help customers manage their storage costs by using a broader range of storage options.


**BONUS CONTENT: Learn more about Implementing Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct using HPE ProLiant Servers.

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1. Storage Replica and Storage Spaces Direct are features included only in the Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2016.
2. HPE Internal Labs test. HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, restarting 1000GB Hekaton Database is as fast as restarting 200 GB database or 20x, November 2016.
3. TPC-C Benchmark Throughput with Checkpoint (trans/sec). Calculated Time to Checkpoint and Restore a Docker Container running MySQL, compare Persistent Memory vs. SSD, November 2016.

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