Can Big Data mean Secure Data? With HPE and Cloudera, the answer is “Yes”

By Alok Gupta

The “yes” answers surrounding the adoption of Big Data are numerous and impressive:

  • Will Big Data help me deliver a superior customer experience? Yes!
  • Will it support more informed decision-making? Yes!
  • Will it lead to a more successful overall business? Yes!
  • Will it replace conjecture (no matter how informed) with solid facts? Yes!
  • Will it drive growth? Yes!

But when it comes to big data being able to ensure data security, the answer has not been as definitive. And that continues to be a reason for hesitation, especially in regulated industries and specifically for medium and small enterprises. Healthcare and financial institutions that are required to meet stringent government and industry regulations must know that all data is secure before embarking on their journey to Big Data. And that assurance has not been available … until now. 

Secure enterprise-grade Hadoop with Cloudera and HPE? YES!!
HPE has teamed up with Cloudera to build and deliver a secure Hadoop environment for regulated industries. The full solution includes:

  • Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub with integrated data security features to help enterprises mitigate data security risks. These security-specific features/capabilities include Cloudera Manager, Apache Sentry and Record Service, Cloudera Navigator, Navigator Encrypt and Key Trustee and additional encryption partner solutions
  • HPE Enterprise-grade Hadoop Solution unlocks the value from Hadoop investments with a proven approach that includes, infrastructure, software, services, and robust add-ons for enterprises that are new to Hadoop or expanding an existing Hadoop installation.
  • Proven services and solution methodology from HPE Pointnext and Cloudera for risk mitigation through an “advise-implement-support” approach
  • Flexible consumption models from HPE that make it easier to acquire the total solution and offers a pay-as-you-go model.

A graphical overview of the solution is provided in Figure 1 below.clouders security blog pic.png

Results? For sure!

Secure Enterprise-grade Hadoop makes it easier for enterprises of all types and sizes to drive real value from their Hadoop investments by optimizing their use case and workloads with a flexible and comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and services with integrated data management and governance. This solution provides:

  • Integrated data management, governance, lineage, key management that facilitates the ability to manage data, achieve compliance and accelerate productivity
  • Self-service and data discovery that allows you to effortlessly find and trust the data that matters most by instantly utilizing existing SQL logs for comprehensive visibility.
  • Compliance-ready governance and protection with latest infrastructure security features and ability to track, understand and protect access to sensitive data.
  • Two differentiated infrastructure editions optimized for Hadoop:
    • Standard Edition for balanced compute and storage ratio.
    • Elastic Edition to adapt the compute and storage nodes for specific workloads.

Just as important, a complete suite of services from HPE Pointnext, Cloudera and partners designed for regulated industries confidently guides your big-data transformation initiative with advisory, roadmap, design, and installation and support services. The final result is the exact solution you need and want.

Different? Yes! Better? Definitely!

Cloudera is a thought leader in Hadoop security. The scalable technology, coupled HPE Enterprise-Grade Hadoop offers key advantages over competitors:  

  • Cloudera empowers cybersecurity innovators to proactively secure your business by accelerating threat detection, investigation and response through machine learning and complete enterprise visibility.
  • Fraud solutions based on Cloudera unlock larger volumes of diver data while opening up advanced analytics for accelerated fraud detection and resolution.
  • Leading Architecture – HPE Density and workload optimized systems based on modular building block architecture scale computer and storage independently
  • World-class technical support - HPE and Cloudera lead the industry in proactive and predictive support. Tap into our combined knowledge to achieve more uptime, better performance, faster case resolution and proactive issue avoidance and prevention.

More information? Of course!

HPE will be attending and presenting at NY Strata this week. Our booth number is 551. The HPE presentation is titled “A comprehensive, enterprise-grade, open Hadoop solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise” and will be presented on Thursday, September 28 at 2:05 p.m. Please join us. I look forward to seeing you there.

For information on all HPE – Cloudera solutions for Big Data, check out our joint strategic alliances page

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Alok Gupta is the worldwide Hadoop leader at HPE. Pior to joining HPE 6 months ago,  Alok held leadership positions in EMC and VMware where he led software development teams to develop innovative products.




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