Capgemini and HPE Discover: Like a Rocket – Digital Transformation is taking us by storm


By JP Favrot

The IT industry, and all industries quite frankly, tend to talk about the “next wave”, “what’s next?”, and “where are we headed?”

Let’s go back in time a short distance. Remember the move to client-server computing? Or, how about Mainframe to Unix, or the first moving and shaking of the internet, or when the network was the computer? Over fifteen years ago HP and others even talked about this concept we called “E-Services”, which was really a pre-IoT narrative that envisioned an entire realm of e-business services which would move us “…from a do-it-yourself model to a do-it-for-me model,”. In other words, a “service-centric” computing model was where we were headed. That was then. Now, I believe we can say we’ve arrived and are still arriving!

Business and consumers are leveraging technology in ways we never thought possible. For example, I recently saw an advertisement showing how my refrigerator can take a picture of what’s inside and download to an App so that when I’m at the grocery store I don’t have to say, “Now, do I need to buy milk and eggs, or do I have them at home?” I can check while I’m on the road!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Digital Transformation. Yet, Digital Transformation is so much more, and has so much more potential. Who knows what the next 25, 50 or even 100 years will hold.

HPE Discover kicks off this week in Las Vegas where “Digital Transformation” will be on the lips of thousands of customers and partners. The big questions we face are questions like, “how do I digitally transform in such a way that brings targeted value to my organization?” Or, “Are there business partners who can help me achieve maximum success, regardless of where I am on my journey?”

HPE and Capgemini Group are poised to help answer these and many other important questions related to digital transformation at the 2016 Discover event. Capgemini Group is a proud, Silver level sponsor and will truly showcase how together, we’re shaping how enterprises begin their own personal journey to innovate and differentiate their products and services to achieve faster time to profit, efficiency and agility.

While you’re attending, let us suggest two very simple ways to make the most of the event and learn how Capgemini and HPE can positively affect the business outcomes at your company and help you to NOT let Digital Transformation take you by storm.

First, plan to attend one of Capgemini’s five breakout sessions:

  • June 7, 11:00-12:00 – Session BB8530 - Can Financial Institutions be the next Digital Masters? Capgemini says YES
  • June 7, 4:30-5:30 – Session BB8331 – Business Case Calculator for DevOps Initiatives – Leading Credit Card Services Provider
  • June 8, 1:00-2:00 – Session BB8404 - Emerging trends in testing – preliminary research findings from the World Quality Report
  • June 8, 2:30-3:30 - Session BB10134 – Falling and Failing Fast in AppDev – How do we keep up in AppSec?
  • June 9, 12-1:00 – Session BB4868 – Get Ready to Modernize the Core

Second, be sure and register for one of our Roundtable Sessions. Seating is limited, but this is a perfect opportunity to meet the experts in a small, panel setting that truly encourages discussion.

Topics include:

Agility and Cybersecurity Is this a Conundrum?

As the pressure to increase velocity in the business value enablement with Agile and DevOps, maintaining security assurance during the development cycle becomes key to the enterprise. In a world where "Good is good enough", "When in doubt Code", "Architecture emerges", how do you ensure the team is NOT compromising on security design and introducing security design flaw because we just don’t have time to “do it right”. The panel will discuss some best practices to solve this conundrum.

The roundtable discussion will be led and facilitate by:

Gopal Padinjaruveetil, Chief Application Security and Compliance Architect, Capgemini
Paul Dickson, Capgemini Alliance Manager- AMS, HPE Software

Date: Tuesday June 7
Time: 10am-10:45am

Register for the Session

Accelerating Time to market through Predictive Analytics in Testing

Please join us in discussing how the use of advanced analytics and big data analysis in the SDLC is enabling IT Organizations to accelerate time to market and improve customer experience.

The roundtable discussion will be led and facilitate by:

Jeff Spevacek, Manager Financial Services Strategic Business Unit, Capgemini
Megan Sheehan, Senior Product Manager for Predictive ALM, HPE

Date: Wednesday, June 8
Time: 11:30am – 12:15pm

Register for the Session

Get ready to Modernize the Core

Together we deliver a HANA ready environment today and a clear path to SAP S/4 HANA tomorrow. Join us to learn how HPE and Capgemini jointly deliver Modernization Assessments that will help you define your organization's transformation.

The roundtable discussion will be led and facilitate by:

Bill Wood, Principal Solution Architect – Core Business Solutions, Capgemini
Pradeep Akurati, Capgemini Strategic Alliance, HPE

Date: Wednesday, June 8
Time: 4:30pm – 5:15pm

Register for the Session

This is the perfect time, and HPE Discover is the perfect place to learn, not just about coolest technologies on the planet from HPE and our partners, but also to learn how to begin your journey to better business outcomes and genuine digital transformation with HPE and Capgemini.

 Stay informed:

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