Cart/horse, chicken/egg, technology/business: which comes first? Get one of the answers at SAPPHIRE

By Cameron Foley


I know that putting the cart before the horse is always less than ideal. I am also aware that the chicken-egg debate has yet to be resolved. But there’s definitely no question about where the priority should be in the case of technology and business. Both HPE and SAP fully understand that business outcomes and business transformation goals drive IT Transformation not the other way around. So when you come to SAPPHIRE and ASUG in Orlando, Florida from May 17 – 19, expect the conversation to center around your business and its goals first and foremost.

Looking for something?
We know that what your business is looking for and needs to drive growth and success are “Real-time” insights. We also know that as a SAP customer, you can fast path your journey to ‘Real-time’ insights by adopting SAP’s ‘Digital Core’ vision and S/4HANA (ERP) platform. HPE will be at SAPPHIRE to show you how well we can help you achieve your business goals by complementing SAP solutions and tools in four key areas:

  1. Our people: We know SAP, and our experts can help customers anticipate what’s coming from SAP and how to architect that into the solutions we recommend
  2. Complete portfolio: HPE is the only partner that has a complete portfolio of SAP optimized services and solutions.
  3. Innovation Roadmap and Co-Innovation: HPE has a great story with respect to having engineering resources and committed roadmaps for all of our SAP Products. Beyond that, HPE is SAP’s co-innovation partner for HANA and a number of other solutions.
  4. Our Business: We are betting our own the HPE business on SAP and have accelerated our internal adoption plans for SAP’s Digital Core Vision and S/4HANA platform. SAP works for us. We can make it work for you.

In fact, HPE has been so effective in helping customers like you achieve their business goals with SAP solutions that we won the 2016 SAP PINNACLE “Customers’ Choice – Build” award.  This is an award where candidates - and the eventual winner - are selected by customers. More details are available here.

Where to find us
HPE will be at Booth #127 where the emphasis will be on transformation. Throughout the event, HPE and SAP experts will be prepared to show you exactly how our joint solutions deliver simple, agile, innovative solutions in the four Transformation Area that are critical for success in the idea economy. Come talk with us. Or set up a 1:1 meeting with an HPE executive or subject matter expert to get answers to your specific questions or design your own transformation plan. These are the people who will totally understand what you want and need … and how to get it. Reserve one of the HPE meeting rooms or contact us at

Looking for more to do?
If you’re looking to make the most of SAPPHIRE, here are a few other HPE-related things you can do:

  • Engage with our experts at the Guru Bar
  • Sign up for a personalized Transformation Workshop during to start building your own journey to accelerate business outcomes. Questions? Contact us at
  • Check out the HPE sessions being offered. They’re listed in the session catalog
  • Join us for an evening reception on Wednesday, May 18. As a valued customer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SUSE, and Intel, you are invited to join us at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar. You’ll be able to network with your peers, meet with our executives and enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, prizes and more while enjoying the spirit and sounds of Old Havana. And you can still talk non-stop business if you want, because we’ll all understand, Here’s an invitation you can RSVP to.

Go here before you get there
For complete coverage and the latest from HPE at SAPPHIRE NOW and to register for our events: Then, join me in counting down the days to this great event.

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