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Case Study: Transdanubian Corporation Cuts Costs and Boosts Customer Service


Company Background & Situation:


The Transdanubian Regional Waterworks Corporation or Dunántúli Regionális Vizmű (DRV) is one of Hungary’s largest utility companies, employing 1,700 employees, handling 250,000 accounts, and providing water and sanitation services to approximately 700,000 residents and numerous industrial and agricultural plants. The company’s head office contains a data center, the main business, human resources, and technical departments, while 47 branch offices deal with local operations across Transdanubia.




DRV wanted to utilize a unified networking and telecommunications solution to link headquarters, their secondary disaster recovery site, and all branch offices, in order to enhance internal and external communications and collaboration, increase customer service levels, and reduce costs. The company sought to achieve a business transformation program with Active Directory IP-based telephony to future proof it communications technology and cut costs.


Since their existing IT infrastructure contained several Microsoft solutions, DRV chose to implement the Microsoft Lync instant messaging, web, and conferencing solution. After hearing about the HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership, DRV brought HP Networking into the solution qualification process as well.




The most important networking criteria for DRV was a full integration capability with Microsoft Lync, high resilience and performance, sufficient capacity to support IP telephony and other applications, and scalability to support growth.


The HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership, together with partners Delta and Geomant, proposed a solution involving Microsoft software and HP hardware, including a high-performance network based on HP enterprise switches and routers.




DRV’s Microsoft communications solution included Microsoft Lync 2010, with voice capabilities, unified communications technology with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 communications server, and the Exchange Unified Messaging features. Microsoft Lync Voice combines traditional IP PBX voice user features and more flexible Unified Communication alternatives such as instant messaging, allowing users to employ their computers or desktop IP phones as their main business communications device.


The HP Networking solution deployed across DRV’s head office and secondary site included 4 redundantly configured HP Networking 5800 core switches and 44 HP Networking 3100El intelligent edge switches, while the branch offices and other remote locations comprised an additional 83 HP Networking 3100El intelligent edge switches. The new infrastructure has a 10GB backbone and all switches deliver Power of Ethernet (PoE) to support IP telephony.

The HP solution with Microsoft Lync employs the HP FlexNetwork architecture to deliver a reliable, efficient, and easily managed convergence-ready network.




The HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership, Delta, and Geomant, provided DRV with a complete communication and collaboration platform, integrating voice, video, desktop content, and instant messaging. This platform has significantly reduced the cost of communications, compared to the previous system, and DRV is already experiencing enhanced efficiencies across the business due to improved internal communications and collaboration between staff. In the first year, DRV forecasts that it will significantly reduce the operating costs of telecommunications, and expects savings to increase over time as the number of users rises to around 800.



The company is now in the position to support additional end-users as the business grows, and DRV’s latest cost model predicts return on investment within two to three years.


For more information read the complete case study.


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