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Case Study: Volkswagen financial Services adopts WS2012


Volkswagen Financial Services Improves Performance of Web Applications, Reduces Costs with Upgrade



Volkswagen Financial Services recently volunteered to participate in the Windows Server 2012 Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) and were able to enhance scalability and business response, as well as reduce IT management costs by 20 percent. Volkswagen Financial Services provides financing, leasing, and fleet management services for Volkswagen dealerships around the world. The company, based in Wolfsburg, Germany and employing 7,350 people, is one of the largest automobile financial service providers in Europe. Volkswagen Financial Services delivers nearly all of its applications to Volkswagen dealerships and partners (such as subsidiary dealerships and banks) over the web from three data centers in Europe.


In order to keep up with the dealerships’ and partners’ needs, Volkswagen Financial Services’ web infrastructure was constantly busy responding to the needs of thousands of dealerships around the world; delivering new applications, improving the performance and stability of existing applications, and assisting users. Before switching to Windows Server 2012, Volkswagen Financial Services would occasionally run into virtual machine density limits, which limited scalability and overall business response time. Additionally, the company’s web architecture was complex, and the IT staff had to manually load-balance compute resources to deliver adequate performance for various workloads at peak periods around the world. Because of this, application performance and stability occasionally suffered.





The web team thought that it could solve many of these problems and eliminate much of its manual work by transitioning its virtualized environment to a private cloud environment. After volunteering to participate in the Windows Server 2012 RDP, the team deployed Windows Server 2012 Datacenter on a cluster of four HP ProLiant DL580 blade servers. “We like HP hardware because HP service is great” Steffen Seifert, Systems Analyst at Volkswagen Financial Services explained. “From technical perspective, HP has good driver implementation.”



Volkswagen Financial Services tested a number of Windows Server 2012 features such as Windows PowerShell improvements, Centralized SSL certificate support, and Hyper-V capacity improvements. By upgrading to Windows Server 2012 run on HP hardware, Volkswagen Financial Services is now able to achieve much higher virtualization density, which can be used to quickly scale their web infrastructure to respond faster to business needs. The web infrastructure team is now able to improve the performance and stability of web-based applications, also improving the dealer sales experience. With the many automated efficiencies in Windows Server 2012, Volkswagen Financial Services has reduced IT administrative work and costs, and can better focus on revenue-producing activities. By using IIS 8, they can now host thousands of SSL websites on a single server with a single IP address, which results in as much as 20 times better scalability. With efficiencies such as this, and with the automated efficiencies delivered by System Center 2012 and a private cloud environment, the company anticipates a 20 percent cost avoidance in overall infrastructure management costs by making the current team more efficient.





To learn more about the benefits Volkswagen Financial Services received from Windows Server 2012 run on HP ProLiant servers read the full case study, or find out more about HP and Windows Server 2012 here.


Be sure to check back for more case studies on Windows Server 2012 and HP hardware working together!


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