Celebrate years of innovation by sharing why #ILoveMyHPEProLiant

It’s hard to believe, but the HPE ProLiant server family has been a building block of innovation and modernization for nearly 30 years! Since our first server debuted in 1993, the ProLiant server family has been making headlines with its legacy of innovation, from transcending industry performance to pioneering silicon-based security. Today, HPE ProLiant servers are the world’s most secure industry-standard servers, delivering protection at both the software and hardware layers and leading the way as we take our customers through their digital transformation journeys.


This journey of progress serves not only as a reminder of how far we’ve come, but also as an inspiration to move forward and build the future with emerging innovations. To celebrate, we’ve launched the #ILoveMyHPEProLiant campaign. This fun and exciting event gives you and your customers a platform to share HPE ProLiant and HPE Compute stories and to spotlight the heroes of compute via social media!


We’re asking you and your customer to join in the fun by posting photos and stories of connections and successes with HPE ProLiant and HPE Compute.


Whether you’re a user, partner, or just a fan—you’re part of an amazing community, and we can’t wait to hear your stories.


Follow along on the HPE Compute social media channels to see which are the “challenge” for this week. We have a new one every Tuesday: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook


Plus, you can:


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