Citrix and HPE strategic alliance heats up

By Monica Desai. This blog post was co-authored by Jeff Carlat, Sr. Director of Global Strategic Alliances at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The HPE - Citrix Strategic Alliances continues to develop innovative solutions that repond to the quickly-evolving needs of our mutual customers and their businesses.  The following is a list of breakthroughs that were introduced by the alliance in FY2019, mainly at our two principlal events: Citrix Synergy 2019 and HPE Discover 2019. 

Citrix and HPE Pointnext Innovations 

Customers increasingly want work environments that are simple, economical, and secure,. Citrix and HPE delivered with  the HPE Greenlake Lighthouse program  - an innovative hybrid-cloud consumption-based approach to delivering Citrix Workspace that addresses everyday pain points our customers like you are looking to solve.

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So you may be asking, what made the solution so attractive? The answer? Not only are we offering turnkey, one-of-a-kind, consumption-based Citrix Workspace solution, we’re also delivering:

  • Cost Optimization: Wherever you are in your cloud journey, the solution delivers the economics of public cloud in an on-premises instance. Because it’s delivered in a consumption model, you only pay for what you use – per user, per month – and you can burst capacity up and down, all from your on-premises data center.
  • Simplicity: HPE Pointnext removes the headaches that often surround lifecycle management as it manages the entire stack of hardware, software, and services, freeing you from the cost and complexity of mundane tasks like deployment, capacity planning, and patching updates. This enables your staff to focus more on customer experience and innovation.
  • Security: Rest assured, security is a top priority for HPE and Citrix. You can keep applications that require the highest levels of compliance and control on-premises and still get the benefit of paying only for what you use. You retain full control of the crucial Citrix desktop and application environment while HPE ensures that the platform is available, performant, and secure in your data center.

Learn more about the HPE VDI Greenlake offering with Citrix Cloud in Synergy blogs by Sridhar Mullapudi, SVP, Product Management at Citrix and Saadat Malik, VP, IOT and Intelligent Edge Services at HPE.

Also, watch Steve Blacklock, VP, Citrix Global Strategic Alliances and Saadat Malik further discuss our longstanding partnership and Greenlake offer in more detail here.

HPE SimpliVity Automation, Hybrid-Cloud Workspace Solutions and More!

In addition to the HPE Greenlake VDI solution, we showcased other innovative Citrix HPE joint solutions thoughout FY19, including our HPE Simplivity automation for Citrix Cloud workspace appliance. This hyperconverged solution, built on HPE SimpliVity, integrates everything you need to quickly and cost effectively virtualize your desktop environments and centralize management into an HCI appliance with an automated connection to Citrix Cloud. You can deploy scalable, secure, fully integrated hybrid cloud virtualized desktop environments in hours, not days.

Watch Phil Sailor, HPE Director, Software Defined and Cloud Group, talk about HPE SimpliVity automation for Citrix Cloud here.

Customers and prospects alike were also excited about our next-gen set of hybrid-cloud workspace solutions for the edge like the HPE Edgeline EL4000 Engineering Workstation with Citrix Citrix Cloud. This innovative workstation, based on HPE Moonshot, delivers high bandwidth, low latency, and high performance (3D graphics etc.) in a slim form factor to enhance secure collaboration between engineering teams and to enable IoT and Industry 4.0 app and product development.

We’d love to help you explore how all of thse exciting new HPE-Citrix solutions can help you reduce cost and improve time-to-value.. If you want to learn more about how Citrix and HPE are innovating to deliver the future of work, contact your Citrix or HPE sales representative or alliance leaders Monica Desai and Jeff Carlat.

Citrix Named HPE Technology Partner of the Year

We are excited to share that Citrix has been awarded the HPE  2019 Technology Partner of the Year award for “as a Service” solutions. We were thrilled to receive this award because it reflects Citrix’s and HPE’s continued investment, momentum and collaboration in the areas of advisory and professional services and consumption-based offerings to deliver the future of work.


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