Clever ways to increase your customers’ productivity with mobile solutions

Mobile solutions have moved well beyond email to complex business applications. Are your end-user customers taking full advantage of these mobile technologies to maximize their employee productivity?

1. Enable customers to get work done faster

Spend time with your client’s employees to discover what tools could improve their productivity. Listen to their "if only" statements. For example, if one employee says, "I could finish this faster if only—," pay attention to how they fill in the blank. Can their statement be answered by a mobile app?

If a mobile app is good, it won't feel awkward or cumbersome and people will use it. In fact, the user shouldn't notice it at all; it should simply become part of how they work. A great user experience with internal or approved external apps lowers the likelihood staff will seek other, insecure apps.

2. Increase collaboration for better business decision making and competitive advantage

Collaboration tools help workers complete their jobs faster and more efficiently.

Access to live data and real-time collaboration within a team often means a faster and more informed response to customers than competition. Think about mobile solutions where sales, marketing, and lines of business could work together in real time on a customer proposal with access to the same resources as in the office. How much faster and accurate would customer responses be? 

3. Evaluate current infrastructure and modernize technology to support mobile

Work with your customers to evaluate their infrastructure to determine if it can support mobility. Do they have the network bandwidth and processing power required for an “always on- connect anywhere” customer experience?

If infrastructure needs to be modernized, consider HPE Just Right IT technology - high bandwidth networking, scalable data storage, and high performing servers that can accommodate the demands of a mobile workforce. Just Right IT products are designed to handle the high demands of today's workloads, improve wireless network performance, speed up data storage/access, and adjust to meet changing demands with flexible capacity.   The Just Right IT portfolio also includes Flex Solutions with Microsoft Exchange 2013 to easily unify mobile and other types of communications.

See how HPE Just Right IT technology can help your customers’ productivity thrive and learn more about HPE products and keep up to date with the latest SMB IT news by joining our Coffee Coaching communities on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.


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