Coffee Coaching blogs have moved to the HPE Alliances blog

This week we have packed up our blogs and moved, but we didn't move too far away, we're just right around the corner!

We are excited to announce that Coffee Coaching has joined the HPE Alliances blog!

You will still be able to find all of our past blogs, and our new content, at but you will now notice our blogs are hosted under the HPE Alliances blog instead of the Servers: The Right Compute blog.  To see all of our blogs that are now on the Alliances blog, go to the Alliances blog main page, scroll down to the bottom, and select "Coffee Coaching" under Labels. 

We have loved being a part of the Servers: The Right Compute blog over the past year, and hope you will still come visit us at our new home to continue our conversations on HPE Microsoft OEM products and solutions and how you can derive the greatest value pairing HPE Servers with HPE OEM Software. 

Although our blog has moved to a new home, all of our social channels will remain the same:
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Are you seeing Coffee Coaching for the first time?
Wondering what we're all about? Well, let us take a moment to properly introduce ourselves. Coffee Coaching is a digital community from HPE and Microsoft that equips resellers and IT pros to sell and consume HPE OEM Microsoft products. We help resellers guide their customers to the greatest value from Microsoft products by pairing them with HPE Servers. 

SMBs, resellers, distribution partners, and customers can all utilize Coffee Coaching to learn about HPE and Microsoft solutions through our blogs, training videos, news, recommendations, resources, support and advice all from HPE and Microsoft experts! Have questions? Drop us a note in the comments or come connect with us in our of our social communities:  Follow us on Twitter | Join our LinkedIn group | Like us on Facebook | Watch us on YouTube | Email us a question


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Willa manages the HPE | Microsoft Coffee Coaching program. Follow along to learn more about the latest HPE OEM Microsoft product releases and how the HPE Microsoft partnership can benefit partners and customers.