Cyber crime 101: server security with HPE Gen10 servers + Windows Server 2016

Did you know that last year, the average cost of a breach of security annualized at 11.7 million dollars (much higher than it was the year before)? Yet, even with this rise, the amount if IT budget that is allocated for security is continually decreasing!  

Now, are you ready for some good news? HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, the most secure Industry Standard Servers in the world, and Windows Server 2016 have some incredible security features built in to help keep your customers' IT protected.

Join Kyle Todd, Microsoft OEM Category Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as he explains how the security features found in Windows Server 2016 and HPE Gen10 Servers work together to keep your customers’ IT solutions secure (and why we should ALL care about security).

This training is broken into 3 sections: 

  • Part 1: Just the Facts- Kyle explores recent cyber crime statistics to explain why your customers' IT solutions need the very best protection.
  • Part 2:  Windows Server 2016 Security Features-  Kyle dives into key security features found in Windows Server 2016 such as Credential Guard, Just Enough and Just in Time Administration, and Device Guard that will help your customers ensure their valuable data is protected. 
  • Part 3: HPE Gen10 Server Security Features- Kyle explains the security features that make HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers the most secure Industry Standard Servers in the world. 


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