Data Warehousing and Business intelligence—Like Fish and Chips

Guest blog by SanSan Strozier

Some things just go together. Horse and carriage, pen and paper, fish and chips—and data warehousing and business intelligence. Here's why. Most likely, you already know that business intelligence (BI) helps your customers make sense of data so they can make better-informed decisions more quickly—and it does. But, lots of small and midsize businesses use multiple applications and systems, and data just gets stuck there. If someone has to go in and manually cobble together the data from different systems in order to feed it into a BI application, it practically defeats the purpose of business intelligence.

BI makes reporting easier, but first the business needs a data warehouse (DW) to make all the data usable—kind of like how you need some protein to counteract all the carbs in a cone of chips.

That's where HPE Flex Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server come in. At its core, SQL is a data warehouse, but SQL 2014 and 2016 also contain powerful BI tools for “what-if” analysis and reporting across all the data sources it's connected to. SQL BI allows the customer to slice and dice data so they can analyze it from different points of view.

So, if your customer is looking for BI, talk to them about starting with the SQL DW solution, along with the BI solution. And remember, even if your customer already has a DW solution, it may be time for an upgrade, so be sure to ask about the age and performance of the current system. If they're looking for just DW, it makes sense to mention the powerful capabilities they can unlock by adding SQL BI. You'll be glad you did.

Learn more about HPE Flex Solutions, and start selling, today. Ask your local HPE representative for more details or visit the HPE Partner Ready Portal.

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