Data is the coal. Analytics reveals the diamonds.

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By Charlie Latch

My attack plan for the frenetic week that is HPE Discover

Thousands of people are gearing up to descend on Las Vegas for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover next week.  For all of us, it means an amazing – yet – challenging week.  We will…

  • see friends from all over the world;
  • get insights on subjects as broad as keeping the bad guys out… to leveraging machine learning to improve decision making… to creating the optimal hybrid technology platform to support the business; and
  • enjoy the sensory overload that is Las Vegas, from entertainment to a wide array of gaming options.

Sounds great, right?  Indeed it is, but getting the most of your short time at Discover requires a plan… and optimization model to assimilate and analyze your opportunities from the broad selection of subjects, speakers, sessions and booths; prioritize your options in light of your own event objectives (and stamina); and execute a plan onsite to help you provide a solid return on your own investment of time and energy at the event.  As I think about it, I’m trying to find a few diamonds in the broad coal mine – all in a matter of 3 days.  It’s a challenge!

Hmmm…as I think about it, it seems to represent a microcosm of the data and analytics challenge every company is facing.  With the exploding volume of data from a growing number of sources (for Discover, that would be the session catalog, associate input and sponsor/business unit event invitations), you need a plan to discover insights, improve decisions and establish a process (or operating model) to make sense of the whole thing.

Data and Analytics: Creating or destroying shareholder value with a viable Analytics Operating Model (AOM)

In the new frontier of information overload, the difference between leaders and laggards will be determined by the ability to generate value through an organized analytics operating model.  Companies – all making plans for data delivery, data management, reporting and business intelligence – must organize for efficiencies and cost management, leveraging data technologies (storage, management, security, etc.) in a way that the IT organization can afford, the business can leverage and senior executives can understand and capitalize on for competitive advantage.  After all, with all of this data, we can all improve competitive intelligence, company performance, and aspects like fraud detection with our new access to data.  But what’s the best way to organize for success?

PwC, a platinum sponsor at HPE Discover has a point of view.  As the world’s largest professional services firm, they regularly deal with Fortune 500 company executives who want to take advantage of the zetabytes of data, generated at ever-increasing speed, tapping into increasingly sophisticated analytics techniques to improve opportunities for growth, innovation and competitive advantage.  

How can you transform dry facts and figures into strategic insights that deliver intelligence – in a timely fashion?  The PwC point of view suggests implementing a viable analytics operating model (AOM) to equip your organization to make fact-based decisions to increase performance, differentiation and profitable growth, while mitigating risks.

At this year’s event, PwC will share insights that you can take home and immediately put into action – finding your own diamonds in the coal mine.  You will get insights about AOM models that have proven to help companies deliver analytics-based value: 1) Information Enabler, 2) Functional Optimizer; 3) Performance Optimizer and 4) New Value Creator.  You will walk away with a new perspective and real-world insights on frameworks that can transform both what you do and how you do it.  

Come to session T9824, Value creation through an optimal Analytics Operating Model (AOM) on Thursday, June 09, 2016 at 11:30 a.m.  I will be at this session for sure, and hope to see the rest of you diamond hunters there as well!  Of course, if you can’t make it to the event, no problem.  Check out and engage with us at

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