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Building upon our existing partnership and joint customer engagements—along with a similar in-depth new woosh.jpgcertification process with Hortonworks (certified since 2014)—HPE’s container-based BlueData EPIC software platform is now Quality Assured Testing Suite (QATS) for both Cloudera CDH and HDP

This deeper certification means our joint customers can supercharge their Enterprise Data Cloud and data lake deployments. Now they have greater agility and flexibility, with the ability to quickly deploy multiple versions of CDH and HDP in multi-tenant containerized environments, backed up by in-depth performance testing and validation from Cloudera. Going forward, we will extend this certification to the new unified Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) once it is released.

When put together, our joint solution provides a secure and powerful containerization platform that enables agile application development for data-intensive workloads—allowing our customers to deploy the right workload, with access to the right data, on the right infrastructure, at the right time. The result is dramatically faster deployments down from months to minutes, with the agility and flexibility that analysts and data science teams need to innovate faster and get more value from their data.

Our joint customers benefit from self-service elastic clusters for large-scale data analytics and machine learning—with enterprise data governance. They can leverage their existing data lake investments, while exploiting the benefits of containers and the separation of compute and storage. They have complete flexibility to deploy Cloudera running on containers either on-premises, in the public cloud, multi-cloud, or in a hybrid cloud model. Together we can make large-scale enterprise deployments easier, faster, and more cost effective.

What the QATS certification means

The Quality Assured Testing Suite (QATS) program is Cloudera’s highest certification level, with validation and thorough testing for a comprehensive suite of use cases to ensure high performance under rigorous loads.

For this testing, CDH version 6.2 was deployed unmodified on the BlueData EPIC software platform—using hardened Docker containers, with persistent storage. Then the comprehensive set of QATS certification tests were executed, to validate all features and functions for the full breadth of CDH services including HDFS, YARN, Hive, Spark, and more—with Kerberos security, Sentry, Erasure Coding, and High Availability enabled.

BlueData EPIC was validated against nearly 5300 tests across the full range of CDH services covering an all-encompassing set use cases at high performance levels under rigorous loads. Blue Data successfully passed all the core service tests along with all DTAP test cases.

As a result, BlueData has earned the Cloudera QATS certification badge for CDH running on containers. 

For more detailed information, consult the original blog on this topic written by Sahithi Gunna, Product Management on HPE’s BlueData team. It’s available here.

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