Do You Like Tacos? See how HPE Flex Solutions Are Like Tacos.



2017-05-03 HPE Flex Solutions blog.jpgA lot of people like tacos. Some prefer nachos. Still others like taco salad. Luckily, they all require more or less the same ingredients, they're just assembled in different ways. But, if you need to feed a crowd that has various preferences, you’ll have to find a better way to get everyone what they want without giving them free access to the refrigerator. It could take all day for your team to make themselves lunch. 

HPE Flex Solutions for Business Intelligence (BI) with Microsoft SQL Server are like the world’s best taco bar on Taco Tuesday. That’s because you’ve got all the raw ingredients for success right there in your database or data warehouse (DW). BI gives your team the streamlined access they need to chop, slice, dice, and mix up the information they need—on the fly—in a way that’s going to help them do what it takes to drive the business forward.

BI is not a stand-alone solution; it’s just the taco bar. You have to provide the ingredients in the form of data sources. For example, if you connect your BI to a single source, such as an online transaction processing (OLTP) database, it can pull in data and let users perform what-if analysis and reporting. If you connect it to your DW, your team can analyze data across all the data sources the DW is connected to. If you don’t have a DW or OLTP server, or you’re looking to upgrade, we can help you there, too. Microsoft SQL Server provides BI, OLTP, and DW capabilities on HPE Flex Solutions for a complete, data-driven solution.

HPE Flex Solutions come as complete solution bundles, tested and validated with Microsoft SQL Server. Based on HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel, they include the storage, software, networking, and services you need to get up and running with SQL server right away.

Watch this quick video: HPE Flex Solutions for Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server


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