Do you believe in Ecosystems?

by Duncan Campbell

Do you believe in Ecosystems? I do! With today’s market disruption, the time to create and inspire an ecosystem is now! At HPE Discover in London, we have an awesome spotlight session (“Transforming together through strategic alliances”) in the Innovation Theater at 10:30am that starts with Ray Wang, the Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman of the Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research. Then, we will dive into share our value proposition that a vibrant ecosystem is required today to propel business across the HPE transformation areas and share the news on our Partner Ready Alliance programs.

What is in it for you?
Come hear about the new unified approach across HPE to transform together, and how we put it into action today for the Transformation Area #1: “Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure”. Findout about new capabilities for the technical ISV, SI and SP audience, and new capabilities and GTM business benefits for the ISV, SI and SPs. But wait, there is more! Come hear from Jarno Van Hurne from Exact Software who, in his words, will share why he has subscribed to the ecosystem approach and delivered business outcomes in the Cloud to his customers.

Open ecosystems are the answer vs. captive solutions. Ecosystems quickly unleash creative GTM solutions with ISVs, SIs and  SPs in country for compliance and regulatory reasons and customer intimacy. Ecosystems are fluid, build on each other to move quickly to transform together to deliver innovative solutions.

Sign up now and join Andy Coussins the VP EMEA Alliances, Ray, Jarno and me for an exciting Spotlight session Tuesday morning at 10:30am in the Innovation Theatre #1. This kicks off the week with many ISV, SI and SP activities including ISV Pavilion, Speed dating sessions and Transformation workshops. Sign up now for session SL 7244 and be a part of the Ecosystem Solutions experience at HPE Discover!!

See you there!

Duncan Campbell


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