DockerCon 2017: A lot to sink your teeth into

I guess we should start with the cake. Yum! It looked great. Tasted even better. Just ask the 150+ people who showed up at the HPE Booth for the official cutting and tasting on Wednesday noon. Can’t forget the whale donuts and snacks at the official DockerCon party either. Fun and filling. The party featured outstanding entertainment and was the perfect way to celebrate an amazing event.Whale cake.jpg

But as delicious as they were, the cake, donuts and party were just the appetizers. The real meal took place elsewhere.

Technology solutions were the main course
Docker introduced one new development after another at the event. While they were all impressive, the following two impressed me the most and seemed to really have an impact on attendees:

  • The Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program helps enterprises make their existing legacy apps more secure, more efficient and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure. Collaboratively developed and brought to market with partners Avanade, Cisco, HPE, and Microsoft, the MTA Program consists of consulting services, Docker Enterprise Edition, and hybrid cloud infrastructure from partners to modernize existing .NET Windows or Java Linux applications in five days or less. Designed for IT operations teams, the MTA Program modernizes existing legacy applications without modifying source code or re-architecting the application
  • The LinuxKit, designed to bring Linux container functionality to new and varied platforms, from IoT to mainframes. LinuxKit includes the tooling to allow building custom Linux subsystems that only include exactly the components the runtime platform requires. All system services are containers that can be replaced, and everything that is not required can be removed. All components can be substituted with ones that match specific needs. It is a kit, very much in the Docker philosophy of batteries included but swappable.

HPE solutions were much more than a side dish
Day after day, HPE received rave reviews for the breadth and depth of solutions we offer with Docker. This contrasted with the overall impression last year where people sometimes did not see exactly what the alliance could offer and how Docker software for with HPE infrastructure offerings. This year, for many reasons, the fit was instantly understandable. In application production, management, coding, security and many more areas, attendees saw and admired how well Docker and HPE work together to deliver complete and impressive solutions. We did highlight three use cases at the event:

  • An application modernization solution that makes optimum use of Docker containers and tooling, making it easier to Containerize Legacy Apps, Accelerate new App Dev, and Transform to Micro Svcs
  • An infrastructure optimization solution that extends the power of infrastructure automation to every aspect of the data center: virtualization, facilities, cloud and DevOps. You spend less time developing apps and operating your environments, plus accelerate time to value.
  • A Containers on Demand (CoD) approach, based on HPE Flexible Capacity service, that provides HPE hardware such as HPE Synergy, Docker software and integrated support, enabling you to create and operate a containerized infrastructure. It is ideal for companies who want to develop and operate distributed applications anywhere and offers consumption-based IT with costs on par with AWS and Azure public cloud services,

Can I get that to go?
If you attended DockerCon, I hope you were able to fill your plate with these leading-edge solutions. If you weren’t able to attend, we’ll package all of them up to go … so you can take them right into your environment and see the difference they make. Check out the HPE - Docker Alliance web page for more information.


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