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Edging out the Competition with HP Flex-Bundles for SMB BI with MS SQL Server 2014



By Lainie Guthrie,

SMB Solutions and Route to Market.


Businesses are bombarded with data, which is proving to be both a blessing and a curse. With 90% of the world’s data generated over the last two years alone[1], the sheer volume of data created today can be an overwhelming challenge to manage. However, when culled and analyzed strategically, this data can deliver powerful knowledge to steer critical decision-making in sales, marketing, and operations—understanding this data can transform business performance.


Business intelligence (BI) solutions are making it possible for businesses of all sizes and industries to harness their data. Providing rapid accessibility to drilled-down data, BI solutions allow a business to obtain answers that can lead to measurable business results. This includes operational efficiencies, profitability, sales performance, customer group profiles, market penetration in targeted customer segments, cost trends, and sales and marketing campaign efficacy, among others. 


The Global BI market is hot, with Gartner projecting the market to grow from $14B in 2013 to $18.6B in 2017.[2]. Gartner’s studies have placed BI and analytics solidly among the top technology investment priorities for CIOs until 2017, and the top priority of CFOs in 2014

Fifty-nine percent of CFOs who responded to the 2013 “Gartner Financial Executives International CFO Technology Study believed analysis and decision-making was the top business process area requiring technology investment (up from 57 percent in 2012). Monitoring of business performance followed at 50 percent and collaboration and knowledge management were at 45 percent[3].

“Responses to the study are consistent with prior years, with the emphasis on BI and analytics as the top areas for investment and focus,” said John van Decker, Gartner Research Vice President. “With over 20 areas to choose from among on the survey, all of the top 12 that were chosen by CFOs were those areas that can be addressed and/or improved with investments in BI and analytics[4].”


BI isn’t just for large businesses and corporations – it is a  competitive differentiator for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). HP delivers affordable BI solutions for SMBs, available in predefined configurations to address the needs of SMBs based on their stage of IT development. Scalable for future growth, HP Flex-Bundles for SMB BI with MS SQL Server 2014 can provide the difference between a business with a plan to grow and one that hopes for growth.


HP Flex-Bundles for SMB BI with MS SQL Server 2014 is a self-service BI solution that allows SMBs to query their data warehouses and create dashboards that quickly drill-down to provide accurate data. This capability eliminates the need for IT staff to spend endless hours on gathering and reconciling data; allowing users to analyze it instead. The solution delivers metrics that accelerate decision-making by informing business outlook and opportunities for enhanced productivity, customer selling, operational efficiencies, and more.


HP Flex-Bundles for SMB BI with MS SQL Server 2014 can help you better understand your customers, allowing you to make critical decisions that will improve your sales, marketing, and operational practices in order to gain market share.

To learn more about the tangible benefits of deploying HP Flex-Bundles for SMB BI with MS SQL Server 2014 for your SMB, visit today.




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