Enabling SAP innovation in a European data sovereignty framework

Guest Bloggers: Marcel Leijten, HPE  and Douwe Lycklama, Innopay  

The proposed European data sovereignty framework will offer a welcomed change to the current “wild west,” anything goes approach that has typically ruled data worldwide to date. The goal of the framework is to firmly establish the capability of an individual or organisation to be entirely self-determining with regard to their data.

We will be providing in-depth information about this framework, plus the best ways to transform your SAP Experience in an edge-to-cloud world at SAP TechED 2020. We invite you to join us. Details at the end of this blog. 

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The data-driven society – who will lead?

There’s no question that we are all now part of a data-driven society. But the leadership of that society and its guidelines – and its guardrails - are still to be determined. Now, The European Union (EU) has taken the lead with a European Data Strategy, which will create a single market for data, allowing it to flow freely within the Union’s member countries and across sectors for the benefit of business, research and public administration.  

Data sovereignty plays a critical role in the framework, ensuring that public and private sector organisations will have not only legal but also functional control of their data. Currently, a number of organizations are working the framework, including:

  • Gaia-X
  • International Data Spaces Association
  • Dutch Data Sharing Coalition
  • Dutch AI Coalition
  • Industry-specific initiatives

We will provide additional details about these efforts during our November 18 session. 

Won’t the data all “fly” away in the cloud?

The cloud presents both an obstacle and ally for achieving data sovereignty goals. The public cloud typically services as the obstacle since it takes control away from the data owner and gives it largely to the cloud provider. This can be a critical downside for mission critical workstreams like SAP and SAP S/4HANA. 

That’s why analyst IDC reports that 70 percent of applications remain outside of the public cloud, due to concerns about sovereignty, PLUS security and compliance concerns, and the unpredictable and high costs of the public cloud.  But isn’t it possible to provide the complementary advantages of public and private clouds, while eliminating their disadvantages for SAP and other critical workloads?  

HPE did it. 

HPE has gone through several IT transformation waves over the last 10 years. In 2018, we took on the most ambitious, consolidating into a single S/4 Instance. We found that by using a hybrid cloud and implementing hybrid IT, we were indeed able to enjoy the benefits of both public and private cloud, while minimizing or eliminating their drawbacks. This has laid the groundwork for making data sovereignty, security, and privacy a reality.

The cloud that comes to you

HPE took the best of its own approach and created a portfolio of solutions that can bring the hybrid cloud approach to all of our customers:  HPE GreenLake. Because of our long and successful relationship with SAP, we also created solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements of this workstream.

Since nearly 40% of SAP installations run on HPE platforms, we were able to quickly identify the challenges that customers needed to meet:

  • Difficulty in predicting what capacity needs will be for SAP HANA
  • Lack of skills in-house to get SAP HANA up and running.
  • Managing the complexity of running and optimizing SAP HANA environments
  • Ensuring that ERP apps have the best performance.

We responded with HPE GreenLake solutions that deliver:

  • Flexible pay-per-use model based on gigabytes used by SAP HANA
  • On-premises solution for security, compliance, and data sovereignty needs
  • Performance-tuned SAP environment
  • Higher levels of continuity and availability
  • Complete, built-for-purpose solutions optimized for SAP HANA with certified SAP hardware from HPE
  • Faster deployment with reference architectures and expertise
  • SAP HANA infrastructure managed and operated for you by HPE Pointnext
  • Fast problem resolution
  • Expertise available to migrate, integrate, secure, and optimize SAP HANA by SAP services partner or HPE PointNext

 A new and complete solution: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Customer Edition

HPE is proud to announce the availability of the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) Customer Edition powered by HPE GreenLake that delivers a fully managed service in your own data center, a colocation facility of your choice, or at the edge. You will be able to keep your SAP® landscape and data on-premises while gaining the benefits of a subscription-based, agile, elastic, and consistent cloud experience from SAP powered by HPE GreenLake.

We will be providing you with more details on many of these areas at SAP TechED 2020 with expert, on-demand sessions, a roundtable discusson and more.  Here's a list of the on-demand sessions available:

The virtual event is being held from December 8 - 10.  You can get complete information and register here

Marcel Leijten .jpgMarcel Leijten is HPE the Netherlands IT Transformation Director HPE Pointnext with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. With HPE Pointnext Advisory & Professional Services Marcel advises and guides SAP customers in their journey to a Hybrid IT and Services Based organization where the CIO becomes a broker of services spanning both SaaS, IaaS and PaaS on private and public cloud.

Douwe Lycklama is one of the thought leaders in the digital transactions ecosystem, shaping breakthrough business andDouwe_portret.jpg market innovations, standards and schemes. He is Founding Partner at INNOPAY, an international consultancy firm for digital transactions with operations in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Berlin. Its head office is located in The Netherlands, where INNOPAY has the #1 market position. INNOPAY’s team includes more than 40 experienced domain experts who regularly advise a wide range of global organizations. Douwe is co-author of Everything Transaction, the Dutch version of which was voted 'Management Book of the Year 2019'.

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