Enjoy HPE Theater in the OPEN at Red Hat Summit 2019

By Steven Fleischman

Okay, we won’t be having the sessions outside. Weather-wise, that’s still a bit risky in Boston early May. But they will be “OPEN” in many other important ways. They’ll:

  • OPEN your minds to new possibilities and innovations from HPE and Red Hat
  • Contain guaranteed content to enlighten from OPEN to close
  • OPEN new paths for you to explore to drive IT transformation
  • Provide HPE exerts who will be totally OPEN to taking your questions and discussing your challenges and goals.

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The HPE theater sessions will all take place in our Booth #637 which will be OPEN for business during show hours. You’ll have a choice of many sessions – 2 every hour from HPE, Red Hat, SAP, Microsoft, Portworx, F5 and more. Just check the schedule at the HPE booth for the times of the session you want to join.

Here are just some of the sessions to choose from:

Red Hat OPEN Shift Focus

  • Backup and restore your Red Hat OpenShift environment - Learn how to backup and restore your Red Hat OpenShift environment and HPE can help to ease the process.
  • Disaster recovery option for your Red Hat OpenShift environment - Protecting your Red Hat OpenShift environment is critical for your business. Come and learn how to protect your Red Hat OpenShift environment from a catastrophic disaster with HPE po
  • Building end-to-end data analytics pipelines with Red Hat OCP - Data is growing increasingly important to your business and building an end-to-end data analytics pipeline is critical to deriving value from that data. Come to this theater session to learn what HPE and Red Hat are doing to help you address these challenges. We'll discuss several use-cases from HPE and Red Hat that provide the foundation for customers to deliver an optimized end-to-end data analytics pipeline with Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform and HPE Synergy.
  • Introduction to HPE Nimble Storage with Red Hat OpenShift - Learn how to deploy the HPE Nimble Storage integration on Red Hat OpenShift to immediately take advantage of policy-based provisioning and advanced data services for persistent volume through the StorageClass interface in OpenShift.
  • Best practices for stateful workloads on Red Hat OpenShift using SAN Storage - Red Hat OpenShift supports a number of different workload types. In this talk we’ll glance over some of the patterns for deploying stateful workloads safely for production that require persistent storage. Key take-aways include what to consider in terms of PVC access modes and update strategies for the different workload
  • Instantly clone production data to use in CI/CD pipelines with Red Hat OpenShift - Integrating terabytes of production data for dev/test in CI/CD pipelines vastly increases test coverage and ultimately drive improved business outcomes due to higher quality software. By leveraging HPE Nimble Storage unique volume lifecycle controls and zero-copy clones, build jobs executes much faster and efficient versus doing full copies of production data. In this talk we’ll walk through an example of running a CI/CD pipeline with a containerized application using a terabyte database on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Red Hat OpenShift and HPE Cloud Volumes: A perfect match made in the Public Cloud – We will introduce HPE Cloud Volumes and how organizations can leverage a multi-cloud Enterprise storage service with Red Hat OpenShift for both hybrid and full cloud-native environments. We’ll discuss use cases such as cloud on-ramp, replication, dev/test and using the public cloud for utility computing for large datasets with containerized workloads.
  • OpenShift on HPE’s composable infrastructure - Come and learn how HPE and Red Hat partner to develop a joint OpenShift solution that can scale from dev to ops using HPE’s Synergy composable infrastructure as the platform. This solution allows IT teams to quickly deploy a production ready container environment in hours instead of days using HPE and Red Hat deployment best practices.                                                                             

Other focused topics

  • Optimizing MS SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Reviews the platform evolution for SQL Server and the benefits of operating SQL Server in a containerized environment. Also addressed industry trends and OpenShift roadmap changes that further evolve the way we operate and manage large data ecosystems.  Finally, we will cover specific performance enhancements that enable higher performance for SQL Server workloads.     
  • Architecting and deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters with Red Hat – Presents an overview of the new SQL Server 2019 Big Data architecture and how it deploys over a container topology. Also provides a detailed preview of the deployment process and pre-requisites needed to deploy SQL Server 2019 Big data clusters on Red Hat OpenShift managed infrastructure. Finally, we will cover most current updates of the deployment models for SQL Server 2019 and OpenShift.
  • Scale and Secure Mission Critical Apps with HPE Synergy and F5 BIG-IP – Join us as we review the ways that F5’s Container Ingress in combination with our BIG-IP platform and the HPE Synergy platform can help you deploy mission-critical Tier I applications in an OpenShift environment. We will discuss the fully qualified and automated solution we co-developed with HPE and how it will enable customers to speed deployment of their container platforms. We will review the simple manner in which our container connector can deploy, scale and manage application traffic in a containerized environment.

And don’t miss these other exciting HPE activities at the Summitpeeps at coffee bar.jpg

  • OpenShift Breakout Session: Titled “OpenShift Dev to Ops at Scale with Experian and HPE,” the session will provide you with the ability learn about the best practices and considerations when doing development and operations of OpenShift containers at large scale. Experian, a large data and analytics company, and HPE will share their ideas and experiences around this topic. Join us on Wednesday, the 8th of May, at 11:30 AM*
  • Expo Theater session with Mitchell Feldman, HPE Pointnext, who will present “A sprint-based service delivering the Container strategy from concept to production.” Times and dates will be available closer to the event.*
  • *Session times/dates and location will be posted when assigned and can be checked at
  • Customer reception at the famed Fenway Park. Tuesday, May 8 from 7:00pm – 9:30 p.m.
  • Women’s Luncheon Wednesday 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM in Room 210B

You can find the latest details about the event at  Information about the HPE – Red Hat alliance is available here

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