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By Charlie Latch

Dealing with data explosion while managing data warehouse costs

The business landscape is shifting to a global, knowledge economy that empowers knowledge workers and must gather information from new sources and through innovative modes. More connected people, applications and things are generating more data in many forms – but where do you store it, and how do you manage it all.

Technology in today’s idea economy is enabling incredible advances in service, convenience and efficiency.  New companies turn information into products and services at a rate we have never seen before.  To support this data revolution, companies are working to provide enterprise data warehouse (EDW) performance at scale, on premise or in the cloud to enable on-demand. 

That’s right, behind the scenes, companies are investing millions on the creation, sharing and storage of data.  Is that sustainable?  Can we continue to grow our data lakes and warehouses at breakneck pace?  

It’s said that our digital universe is doubling every two years.  Zetabytes are the new gigabytes and organizations are scrambling to find new ways to store and manage this data – at a time when we continue to be challenged to do more with less.  From a data and analytics perspective, more is always more.  More sources, delivering more raw data enabling more analysis and insights.  Is there a “less”? 

Yes, there certainly is. The less is our budgetary reality that we do not have unlimited budget to collect and store all of this data.  We cannot rely on the high-cost, proprietary strategies of the past. 

Simply stated, less (cost) is the more.  It has to be.

Deal with data explosion while managing data warehouse costs

PwC, a platinum sponsor at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover, has a point of view.  As the world’s largest professional services firm, they regularly deal with Fortune 500 company executives who want to store and manage zetabytes of data, generated at ever-increasing speed.  What’s the best strategy to store and manage this data – all while assuring the budget does not explode at the same pace?  Many companies believe that high-cost EDW solutions are their only alternative for data storage.  HPE and PwC disagree.

PwC’s Business intelligence / Enterprise decision management (EDM) framework enables EDW transformation, to

  • Align people, processes and data needs to the decision-making processes;
  • Improve the quality of information used by decision-makers throughout the organization; and
  • Increase efficiency in transforming raw data into useful information.

At HPE Discover, PwC will be sharing insights on the challenge of storing more data while remaining within budgetary constraints, using real world examples where organizations have improved EDW while managing costs.  

Come to session BB9111, Modernizing the enterprise data warehouse; data architecture right-sizing on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.  You will hear how one of the World’s largest telecommunications companies eliminated complexities within its information and data environment to prepare for the adoption of a robust business intelligence platform – all while avoiding US $11 million in costs for capacity expansion.  If you can’t make it to the event, no problem.  Check out and engage with us at

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