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Extreme retail challenges require extreme retail applications


By Greg Chabot


One of my favorite SNL skits of all time was the Scotch Boutique.  Do you remember it? It was about a store in the “old” mall that sold only one thing. Tape. The sticky kind. It was probably the only store that never had to worry about what to stock when and where.


Most large retail organizations aren’t that lucky. Their basic profitability depends on finding out exactly what will sell at any given time. They have to take into account variations in time and place. For example, what’s powerful in Poughkeepsie might crash in Chillicothe.  They know how quickly the tastes and the attention of the consumer can change. That means they need to be ready to adapt just quickly.


So while the Scotch Boutique might not have needed the best technology on its side, just about every other retailer does.  The other day, I had the chance to see Capgemini, SAP and HP’s Extreme Retail Applications in action.  I was absolutely blown away because I saw first-hand how they provide a level of fact-based, detailed analysis that totally takes the guesswork out of effective planning.


Unlike the Scotch Boutique’s retail application that relied on Kevin, the stock boy, and the always-fearful wife, Jenny, for business planning insights, the Capgemeni, SAP and HP solutions are pre-built, pre-packaged, ready-to-use applications that incorporate Capgemini-developed data models, analytical capabilities, and predictive algorithms.


 Extreme Retail Applications


They give retailers instant insight into their most detailed data and allows them to immediately respond to information quickly and precisely and use it to their best advantage.  This is a complete solution that bundles together HP ConvergedSystem running SAP HANA, SAP licensees and design applications into a pre-packaged step speeding the process to deployment. Instead of spending time building new analytical capabilities from the ground up, retailers can adopt Extreme Applications for Retail on top of SAP HANA and start benefiting from its real-time insight within weeks.


The Scotch Boutique won’t be at HP Discover 2014 in Barcelona. The Capgemini Extreme Applications for Retail and HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA will.  If you’re not in the market for tape but do want to find out how the power of analytics can drive greater revenue and profitability in your operations, sign up for session B5878 entitled “Boost your retail profitability and loyalty with Capgemini's Extreme Applications for Retail and HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA.


Hope to see you there.



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