Features and Benefits of iQuote

iQuote is a web based configuration and quoting tool that has been deployed in over 60 countries and is used by thousands of resellers each month. It was designed to help accelerate the sale of in stock products with preapproved discounts—eliminating the need to request special pricing for smaller transactional deals. Therefor iQuote is focused exclusively on the systems and options that are stocked by distributors for fast delivery, including both the worldwide as well as regional promotional SKUs.

In this session of Coffee Coaching, Greg Starks, Configure, Price, and Quote Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, walks you through the features and benefits of iQuote.

At the core of iQuote is a configuration tool that spans the HPE portfolios of Servers, Storage, and Networking, along with services and HPE’s Flex Solutions portfolio. It not only provides accurate configurations, but it is so easy to use, that resellers will spend less time calling pre-sale support, and more time with their customers.

iQuote is available in two ways. The first is called iQuote Universal. With this version, anyone can register and quickly start using the tool.


iQuote makes it easy to quickly find best-selling products, solutions and recommended options, find technical product answers without calling pre-sales support, and create fast, accurate configurations. For example, as a quote is created, iQuote will show all of the compatible options for each system and even validates that all of the configuration rules are followed! Another area where iQuote really shines is the built in recommendations for things like Support Services and Microsoft Windows Server Operating System (OS) for HPE Servers. There is even a Wizard that will help users pick the best OS for the selected server model (and it then shows the details on the various editions).

iQuote Options & OS.PNG

And finally, to help resellers earn incentive points, iQuote is integrated with the HPE Engage and Grow program. Simply select the system, add options, and export the quote, to get a final price from the distributor. iQuote Universal is THAT easy.

However, the BEST way for channel partners to experience iQuote is when it is integrated into the webstore at their distributor. With integrated iQuote, users get everything included in iQuote Universal, PLUS the price shown is their personal, final, purchase price. No more requesting a quote and waiting, it is right there on the screen, along with inventory levels for each product. And when they are ready to order, they just click a button and the quote will be pushed down to your distributor's order system or shopping cart. It's a true one-stop shop for configuration, pricing, and ordering.

In summary, iQuote is HPE’s channel integrated, configuration tool for distributor stock products. If you're selling HPE Servers, Storage, or Networking products, iQuote is the tool to help you get the job done faster, more accurately, and with maximum benefits to you!

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