Finding a sure winner in Las Vegas

By Anand Bhadouria

Yep. I found one. Right as I was attending Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover 2016 in Vegas. Didn’t take too much searching, either. And it’s a sure bet that your Financial Services enterprise can take advantage of it, too. You don’t even have to pack up and go to Vegas to win. You can win from wherever you are right now.


This guaranteed, sure-fire, ain’t-no-doubt-about-it win is made possible by a joint worldwide enterprise alliance agreement between Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Docker that was recently announced at HPE Discover. What it all means is that the two companies have combined the strength of the number one cloud infrastructure provider with the leader in containerization to bring you proven solutions that will transform and modernize Financial Services companies’ datacenters and allow them (and you) to benefit from a more agile development environment.

You can now access hybrid infrastructure solutions and an application portfolio ranging from legacy to microservices applications – all fully supported by HPE. I deal primarily with Financial Services Industry (FSI) clients, so I am particularly impressed by the potential that this alliance and its solutions can bring to FSI. However, let me say that any enterprise can and will benefit from what the alliance offers. So let’s check out these winning plays.

Winning by getting ahead of the game
According to a March 2016 report by The Gartner Group titled “Containers Will Change Your Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Strategy,” by 2018, more than 50 percent of new workloads will be deployed into containers in at least one stage of the application life cycle.

By combining HPE’s Composable Infrastructure with Docker’s Container-as-a-Service (CaaS), the new alliance can provide the kind of predictability and management enterprise IT expects right now. And we can offer to Financial Services companies who leverage these joint solutions immediate efficiencies with their existing applications, including a 20X optimization on their infrastructure, while shipping their applications 13X faster. These are results that only two innovators like HPE and Docker can deliver.

Winning enterprise-wide
At the heart of this alliance is HPE’s Docker-ready server program, which is unique to the Cloud industry. This ensures HPE servers are bundled with Docker Engine and support to enables our FSI customers to create distributed applications that are portable across any infrastructure. HPE and Docker will deliver these unique, value-added, commercial solutions and services through all major HPE channels.

In addition, HPE and Docker are collaborating to introduce new HPE container-enabled technologies that are integrated and tested with Docker, including:
• HPE Reference Configuration for Docker Datacenter on HPE Hyper Converged 380
• HPE Reference Architecture for Docker Datacenter for the Converged Architecture
• Docker-integrated Native Volume Plugin for HPE 3PAR StoreServ all-flash arrays
• Docker-integrated Networking
• Docker-integrated HPE OneView
• HPE Linux Docker support

A winning approach to the cloud
In a key aspect of the alliance, HPE is making investments to Docker-enable its cloud and software portfolio through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs), the Docker plugin framework and Docker Datacenter development licenses, including:
HPE AppDefender – Delivers runtime protection for application security in a Docker environment to prevent security by protecting production applications from the inside, across all levels of a software stack.
HPE Operations Bridge monitoring – Delivers comprehensive monitoring of Docker containers and as well as the payloads running in the containers.
CMS and Universal Directory configuration management – CMS can discover and display information related to Docker topology, including Docker Application, Docker Container, Docker Image, Docker Image Template, Docker Registry, Docker Volume and more.
HPE Helion Cloud Suite – Provides a full range of hybrid cloud capabilities in a single software offering. HPE Helion Cloud Suite includes full-stack automation to enable rapid delivery of IT services and applications, as well as a complete development environment with HPE Helion Stackato, supporting DevOps processes for traditional and cloud-native applications.

Learn more about winning with HPE and Docker
The HPE – Docker alliance continues the HPE commitment to providing you access to forward-looking, forward-thinking solutions to ensure that your IT supports your business. In upcoming blogs, I will discuss the many advantages of containerized approach and how this new alliance can bring all of those benefits to your FSI enterprise. For now, check out the HPE – Docker Alliance site for more information on the alliance and the solutions we offer.


Anand Bhadouria is a strategic, Cloud Technology leader with over 22 years of global experience in IT infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Management Consulting, Enterprise Architecture, Pre-Sales and Project Management. Currently, he is working with HPE as Cloud CTO and helps HPE customers on building Helion OpenStack based Hybrid Cloud strategy and Cloud architecture. Anand is expert in OpenStack, and his current area of focus is helping Fortune 100 clients design cloud-native application using OpenStack and cloud foundry. He received his Master of Science degree in Management and Engineering from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT College of Engineering. Anand was also a guest lecturer at MIT for a System Architecture graduate level course, as well as for talks about Cloud Strategy & Architecture.

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