Five questions every SMB needs to answer to avoid a breakdown on the road to success

By Ildi Pomeroy

There is one major bump in the road that every small business should be able to see coming from miles away. Unfortunately, most are in denial about it. That’s data loss. Don’t think you need to worry about that right now? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do we store sensitive data on laptops, smart phones, and tablets?
  2. Do we routinely back up ALL our data, including files stored on personal devices?
  3. Do we use public cloud platforms to share and store data that’s critical to the success of the business?
  4. Do we handle sensitive information that may be subject to data privacy laws?
  5. How long would it take us to recover, if we lost all of our sales presentations, contracts, customer records, and employee files?

If the answers to these questions are making you feel a bit queasy, don’t worry. HPE Flex Solutions for My First Server with Windows Server 2012 R2 are built just for small businesses that are ready to adopt a server for the first time. With features such as centralized security, automated online data backup and virus protection, we’ll keep your business going at full speed.

Of course, there’s more to a server than just data protection. That’s why your HPE My First Server solution also provides a robust platform for collaboration, making all of your email, files, and collaboration platforms available from any device. And because it’s based on HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers, powered by Intel, you’ll benefit from a cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution that uses automated intelligence to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with your server, allowing you to focus more time and energy on your business.

If you’d like to know more, contact your HPE or Authorized Partner sales rep today, to find out more about protecting your business data and you can drop us a note anytime through our social communities listed below, or send us an email at

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