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Five steps in choosing the right server


HP and Microsoft continually strive to make IT management as simple as possible. We know that choosing a new server solution to fit your customers’ specific needs can be challenging, which is why we wanted to share these 5 simple steps for choosing the right HP server:


Step 1: Identify and categorize your workload

We can consider these 4 major workload categories: Core business applications, mission critical environments, highly scalable environments, virtualization and cloud workloads


Step 2: Choose the IT outcomes that support the business

After you identify and categorize your workload, you need to identify the primary outcome that you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to reduce complexity to deploy simple automated systems, or maybe you wish to enhance availability to keep the business up and running in order to attract and retain customers? Your desired outcomes will be important to know when determining which server will best fit your needs.


Step 3: Choose the right server for your workload and IT outcomes

Identify which HP Server families are relevant to your workload and anticipated IT outcomes, then learn more about each server by studying their key characteristics.


Step 4: Choose the right server management software to meet your needs

Deploying HP’s agile infrastructure management solutions help accelerate the delivery of IT services and support and are designed to simplify, automate, and lower the costs associated with server life cycle management and support.


Step 5: Accelerate service deployment with HP Services

No matter what server you choose, HP has a comprehensive set of services that can ease acquisition deployment and support to help reduce risk and provide stable IT infrastructure.


To learn more about each step, check out the new Coffee Coaching session, “Choose the Right HP Server in 5 Steps.” In this session, Bill Seidle, Global Marketing, HP Servers Product Marketing Manager, provides you with a concise, yet informative, overview of the five steps and highlights a few HP tools and reference materials that can help when determining the right server to fit your, or your customers’, needs.





Be sure to join the Coffee Coaching community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more helpful sessions on HP Servers.


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