Re: Get HPE Gen10 Servers with Windows Server 2019 up and Running in a Snap

Need to set up HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers with Windows Server 2019 quickly and easily? Rapid Setup, a feature within HPE Intelligent Provisioning, makes new server deployment a snap!


Rapid Setup Integration

Wondering how it works?  Imagine you have decided it is time to migrate from Windows Server 2008 to a newer, supported, generation of Windows Server, such as Windows Server 2019. You have just walked into your office and you have new HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers ready to be set up and configured.  But... you're not sure where to start... Now, with every HPE ProLiant 10, 100, and 300 series Gen10 server, you can use Rapid Setup to simplify server deployment.  It is a simple, guided process for consistent system installation, setup, and configuration.  Not only is it easy to use but getting servers up and running and productive is also accelerated –it can make deployment time of a Windows Server 2019 OS up to 33.3% faster, based on our internal testing.

HPE Intelligent Provisioning 3.31

In release 3.31 of HPE Intelligent Provisioning, HPE has added some new functionality such as advanced automated RAID configuration and automated firmware update (opt in/out). This advanced automated RAID Configuration provides a new experience of a single click hardware RAID (when all drives and controllers are installed) and recommends OS and data partition based on the number of drives.  Also in this release, customers can learn about purchasing Azure and Office 365 public cloud services from HPE Pointnext through the Rapid Setup path.


Two Server Deployment Options

Now, you have two server deployment options to choose from:

  • With Intelligent Provisioning, you still get custom RAID and configuration options for your server. This option is beneficial for an experienced IT person who prefers to customize and create the arrays, define controller devices, and make RAID decision based on the workload.
  • With Rapid Setup, you get auto-intelligent software designed to identify and simplify RAID process. Rapid Setup is unique in the compute industry and intended to make a customer's first interaction with a HPE server dependable, consistent and easy.



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I have been working with HPE servers from G3 generations 

The SmartStart software is great for installing standard windows on the server.

Peter Zimmermann


I have done a "rapid Setup2 inkluding Firmware update.

System ROM before was v2.30 from May 2021 System ROM after update v2.20 from Oct. 2020. So whats that???? For me this is a reason for further thougts about using hp servers. The is nobody who will pay my time for checking all firmware manually and update to current versions.