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Small and mid-sized data centers can use up to a couple of hundred virtual machines to save cost and ease management headaches. However, not all have the staff to manage their systems —which makes back up and restoration cumbersome and complex. But, good news, there is a simple, straightforward, and flexible backup solution: HPE VM Explorer!

In this session of Coffee Coaching, Travis Newton, the America's HPE Tower Category Manager, tells you all about VM Explorer and how it can benefit your SMB: 


VM Explorer works with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

What do you get from HPE VM Explorer? You get:

- Centrally managed backup and replication for virtual environments: supports Microsoft Hyper-V with an intuitive and easy to navigate web interface

- Easy installation and operation: quick installation and configuration and easy administration through an easy to navigate web interface

- Reliability and with enhanced security features: worry-free data protection with automated backup verification, encryption, and active directory integration

- Fast and efficient backup: server-to-server fast copy, snapshot integration, dynamic compression, and Changed Block Tracking (CBT) support

- Advanced VM recovery options: includes VM restore, VM power on directly from the backup and restore through vMotion, and granular file-level restore

- A choice of backup targets with automated storage tiering: public and private cloud, disk-based options, and tape enables cost-effective backup and recovery that is just right for your SMB environment

- A cost effective solution with simple to understand licensing: affordable with multiple editions —choose the one that's right for your environment and easily upgrade as you grow your environment

Simply put, VM Explorer is the just right virtual machine backup solution for small and medium businesses!

Want to learn more about the challenges that arise when SMBs seek to back up data, services, and applications in virtualized environments, and understand how VM Explorer can help resolve these issues? Check out this white paper, Protecting critical servers and data in virtualized environments.

VM Explorer provides enterprise features for the SMB. And, the best part is that it is HPE and it is SMB priced. VM Explorer is here! Enterprise value, SMB price, only from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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