Great reasons to go with Hybrid IT

By Victoria Araujo

The need for a different approach to IT has become evident ever since changes in business and technology have dramatically accelerated. I can see it. So can everyone I talk to – IT specialists, executives, customers and partners. Luckily, Hybrid IT is proving to be more economical and more flexible. Hybrid IT also supports a seamless evolution in a rapidly-changing world and clearly makes more sense than any other approach.

 I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that enterprises of any size can no longer confidently purchase and implement a comprehensive IT infrastructure with confidence, knowing that it will support the business for 5 years or more until the next refresh cycle. Rapid change can make what was a leading edge environment pretty much obsolete in a short amount of time, placing the entire business at a severe competitive disadvantage.

To survive and thrive, today’s enterprises now know that cost, agility and innovation must be the most important factors as they create their IT strategy. 

Hey, what about cloud?      

The cloud has proven its ability to address cost and agility requirements. However, the question has often been which type of cloud to implement.

  • Public cloud seemed to be the best bet in terms of delivery cost and agility advantages. However, it created data control and security issues that made it less than ideal fit for many enterprises
  • Private cloud addressed data control and security issues, but seemed to fall short on cost and agility

 Well, then, what about Hybrid IT?

Today, a hybrid approach that offers the right mix of public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT has emerged as the ideal, offering:

  • Privacy that protects sensitive data
  • Security that prevents malware and data breaches
  • Regulatory compliance and data sovereignty
  • Increased performance and lower costs
  • Greater control of the application ecosystem and better management of data
  • Investment protection that lets the enterprise take advantage of cloud while still using existing investments

 But, how can I be sure I get the mix right? 

Easy. Look to HPE and PwC for your Hybrid IT needs. Together, we offer our joint clients a co-created, standardized framework to help identify the right mix of traditional IT, public and private cloud platforms for applications. pwc why hybrid why now social card.jpg

Together, we can help you strategize, design, implement, migrate and manage the transformation of your applications to the cloud. At every step—from prioritizing and preparing applications to achieving smooth new operations—we team for your success.

 Can I test drive one?

Well, first, we’d suggest you get more information by watching the video “Why Hybrid, Why Now” and checking out the HPE-PwC alliance web page. We’re sure you’ll like what you see. Then, contact our Alliance team and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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medium_am_araujov_9698.jpgVicki Araujo is responsible for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise worldwide Alliances Marketing relationship with PwC. Vicki has over 15 years experience leading partner marketing strategies programs for leading high technology companies. Vicki holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and resides in San Jose with her family.

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