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Guest Blogger - Parissa Mohamdi 

You know it has to get done. You are also aware of the many benefits your enterprise will enjoy once the whole process is 2 m, 2 w looking at monitors - June2019.jpgcompleted. But like all major changes, modernizing your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) comes with big time challenges. That’s why it’s good to know that experts from Micro Focus, HPE and ActualTech Media have your back throughout your digital transformation journey. Just as important, we have a strong track record of success in helping companies just like yours get the most value from an EDW and successfully make digital transformation a reality.

Three great sources of information and action

The journey to modernizing your data analytics strategy isn’t always a straight line. Getting it done correctly also depends on your starting place. Organizations typically fall into one of these categories:

  1. Those with little data analytics capacity but a great deal of meaningful data to analyze
  2. Those who have data analytics capacity but fall short on delivering the expected results and value—these organizations frequently have data in silos throughout the organization
  3. Those who have moved to a cloud data warehouse or Data Warehouse as a Service model, and are often challenged with ever-growing infrastructure costs

Regardless of your category and stating point, we understand that you want to complete your digital transformation journey as quickly as possible. So we’re making available three convenient ways for your enterprise to become more data-driven.

  1. A new Tech Brief titled “Modernizing the Enterprise Data Warehouse: How to Level-Up Hadoop Environments with Vertica” outlines different approaches businesses you take to become more data-driven. It also provides specific examples of how Vertica and HPE MapR can allow you to leverage the existing skills of your staff to make this transformation easier.  The Brief is available here
  2. A short video delivered by Scott D. Lowe, CEO & Lead Analyst for ActualTech Media how Micro Focus’ Vertica addresses three critical business challenges associated with EDW modernization 
  3. The virtual Vertica Big Data Conference which will be held from March 31 – April 2.  The event represents your opportunity to attend on-line sessions conducted by recognized experts and identify the EDW modernization solutions that can best help you make transformation a reality.

The Vertica difference

Vertica from Micro Focus integrates with Hadoop to provide a best-in-class SQL-on-Hadoop layer, with a rich collection of analytic functions that can perform queries directly on both Hadoop and the data warehouse without moving the data. It also maximizes flexibility and cost-effectiveness.  Rather than constantly adding expensive compute resources as data volumes grow, Vertica gives you the control and freedom to tune queries and optimize performance. Users are also able to query Hadoop tables through Vertica, which allows external tables to be created that can be queried using standard ANSI SQL functionality. Finally, unlike traditional data warehouses which are designed and optimized for batch loading, Vertica fully supports streaming. Conclusion: Vertica and Hadoop are really better together.

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 Advance your journey now.

There’s no better time to move toward data-driven decision making than now. And there are no better partners than Micro Focus and HPE to help you build an analytics platform that can be broadly adapted and used across your organization to produce quality, real-time insights.

Get more information by downloading the tech brief, watching the video and attending the virtual Vertica Big Data Conference.

Want to further explore how we can help?  Contact one of our Global Alliances Business Manager – Lisa Gardner , Micro Focus, or Craig Smith, HPE. You can also contact: David Hall – HPE, Chief Technologist - AI & Big Data Solutions. The following Micro Focus/HPE NA Alliance Business Managers can also provide assistance:


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