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HP Datacenter Care for SAP HANA TDI: DIY that’s doesn’t turn into OMG


By Greg Chabot


A couple of years ago, my cousin Harold (from Aunt Alice on my mother’s side) went to buy a new car, took one look at Corvairt carburetors.jpgthe sticker price, got massive sticker shock and decided he could build a better and cheaper one himself. Better because he could use the best parts from different makes and models. Cheaper because he would get everything from local junk yards. Unfortunately his DIY project quickly turned into OMG because he could never get his hemi engine to work with the Porsche tranny and the limited-slip differential from a ’65 Caddy. We last saw him going off in search of a couple of Corvair (no, I have no idea why. See picture at right) carburetors and muttering something about the unfairness of life.

But cousin Harold’s failures shouldn’t deter you if you’re thinking of using the SAP HANA Tailored Data center Integration (TDI) program. That’s because HP Datacenter Care is available to keep your DIY from ending up with an “OMG, what have I done?!?”  

The wonders of choice
SAP HANA TDI offers an alternative to the appliance approach in which certified hardware partners deliver HANA appliance with all necessary components pre-configured and pre-installed.  Instead, TDI fully supports a customer’s ability to choose their preferred hardware vendors and infrastructure components from a menu of supported SAP HANA hardware, including hardware and operation processes that may already be in their data centers. This can significantly lower costs and allow for easier integration of SAP HANA in their data centers.  

The worries of choice
While SAP HANA TDI provides customers with greater flexibility, it also places the responsibility of installing, maintaining and supporting the multiple components of the solution on them. In the past, this would have meant negotiating, setting up, and managing support agreements with a number of different vendors. However, HP Datacenter Care for SAP HANA TDI removes the worry by providing the support you need to deploy, operate, and evolve your TDI infrastructure across all products and vendors.

What, me worry?
HP DC SAP HANA TDI service is designed for simplicity and reliability, providing you with comprehensive support for all assets. The service includes:

  • Reactive support services (hardware component support) composed of comprehensive hardware and operating systems services that increases the availability of your IT infrastructure. You can meet your service-level commitments with a variety of coverage levels and response times.
  • Multiple levels of reactive support - Pick the coverage to help meet your specific IT uptime and budget requirements. You can also configure different service levels for different assets, plus cover new devices easily as they are added to your environment
  • Enhanced call handling - Your incidents are managed by a HP Technical HANA solution specialist, who has end-to-end call ownership and provides resolution on HP SAP HANA TDI infrastructure.  You enjoy a consistent support experience with priority elevation and critical event management.
  • HP SAP HANA Center of Excellent collaborates on complex problem diagnosis and resolution with pre-qualified HP hardware and software partners, as well as with HP Labs and HP Engineering to help ensure fast, expert support and problem resolution
  • An assigned account support manager (ASM) collaborates closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor your support experience accordingly. This personalized support translates into effective onboarding, responsive support, and targeted planning for the future to ensure that SAP HANA continues to deliver the results your company requires.  

HP Datacenter Care for SAP HANA TDI eliminates the hassle and worry, because it resolves problems faster, reduces operational complexity, and delivers end-to-end HP system support and accountability for issues. The result is an enhanced customer experience that provides faster return on investments and facilitates success.

Additional choices
HP alliance partners can also provide help in a number of other key SAP HANA areas.  

  • Accenture - SAP HANA Solution-as-a-Service - SAP, Accenture and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have teamed up to deliver a consolidated offering that integrates infrastructure consulting and outsourcing services, systems integration and application outsourcing services and hardware needed to complete the journey from installation to operations. With this combined solution, customers can accelerates their HANA projects and maximizes technology and business value. More information.   
  • Deloitte - Deloitte and HP will collaborate to provide use cases and a roadmap for clients to navigate their journey to SAP HANA. We can help make the compelling case for the business value of HANA and in-memory computing, plus demonstrate how well HANA performs on HP. More information.
  • In addition, HP AppSystems for SAP HANA complements the analytics experience of HCL, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Wipro to help you accelerate access to their data for improved decision-making

More information
You can get complete information about HP Datacenter Care for SAP HANA TDI on the HP Datacenter Care page or the HP SAP HANA page.

Additional Resources
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•    HP Converged Systems

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