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HP Enterprise Information Library Updates!


Have you been to the one stop shop for all of your key HP server and management software, networking, and storage technical documents? If not, maybe you are wondering what this magical place is? It is the HP EG Enterprise Information Library!


To see this Library in action, don’t miss this Coffee Coaching session by Mona Chatham, Program Manager within the Enterprise Group Knowledge Management and Information Experience, where she will show you the Information Library first and discuss some of the recent changes.






When you go to the Information Library’s URL,, you are first taken to the Servers and Management Software tab. However, you can easily switch to the Networking or Storage tabs at the top of the screen. 


Once you are on the information library page, you will see a solution view of the technical content. The navigation is now easier than ever as all relevant content is kept together. In addition, HP has added support for html and rich media file types. Therefore, you can now find technical videos on the information library.


If you are searching for a specific topic, you can group the available documents by solution categories and then by product subcategories. After making these selections, you have the ability to filter further by information type, file type, and file language.


The Knowledge Management and Information Experience Team continues to make improvements to the information library and have further enhanced the manner in which you can find technical content on the page. For example, there is a newly added search field on the Networking page (this will soon be rolled out to all other pages as well). This feature allows you to search for technical and provides you with a list of documents where the information you requested resides.


Stay tuned for more enhancements to the Information Library as HP adds mobile friendly technical content to the site and be sure to bookmark the HP Enterprise Group Information Library and give your documentation feedback on the recent changes. To keep up to date with other helpful resources, join the Coffee Coaching community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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