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HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies- Chapter 4: Introducing the HP Solution


In earlier editions of our HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies blog series, we looked at why SMBs need servers, we defined server basics, and we defined network basics. Now that your SMB customers understand a bit more about servers and why they are useful devices for SMBs, we will examine HP servers, looking at why they give users confidence and then defining the benefits of an HP SMB server solution.


HP has been a leader in industry standard server business for many years. Leveraging that experience, they are making it easier for customers to deploy their first server. HP has worked hard to develop tools and management solutions that make it simple for small businesses to configure, install, and use a server (even with limited IT staff and budget). HP’s “better together approach” pulls everything together, including server and options hardware, operating systems, and software components. This greatly benefits customers as they do not have to buy individual pieces and then try to put them together to create a complete system (during which they may encounter all sorts of problems).


One example of HP’s “better together” approach is the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 server and associated PS110 Wireless Router and PS1810-8G Switch (along with the required operating system and management software). Together, these pieces provide a complete solution where SMBs can plug in their existing systems, perform the required configuration, and get right to work.


Getting a ProLiant MicroServer solution from HP has many benefits that directly affect the solution’s usability in a small business. These include:

  • Placing the server where it is needed
  • Keeping things quiet
  • Making the work environment greener
  • Upgrading the server with ease
  • Protecting data
  • Using simplified management techniques
  • Having broad certified operating system support for the MicroServer Gen8
  • Keeping things safe
  • Utilizing integrated networking


To learn more about each of these benefits, get your copy of HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies today! Be on the lookout for our next Dummies blog, Chapter 5: Detailing the HP ProLiant MicroServer Solution and be sure to join our Coffee Coaching communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.




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