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HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies- Chapter 5: Detailing the HP ProLiant MicroServer Solution


Some electronic devices you use in your day-to-day life require very little, if any, knowledge on how they work… a toaster, for example, will usually work just fine without any understanding of its inner workings. Well, we’re here to tell you… servers, routers, and switches are NOT toasters! Because these IT products directly affect the viability of an SMB’s business, it is important that they know a few things about them.


In this edition of our MicroServer for Dummies series, we will give a quick overview of features and functionalities of the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, the PS110 11n Wireless VPN Router, and the PS1810-8G Switch. You can dive much deeper into this topic in the book HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies (so be sure to get your complimentary copy today).


The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 has many features and functionalities to make IT management simpler for SMBs and they start from the moment you first look at the server. On the front of the server, you will see a panel status indicator that will tell you many different things about your server:

  • The blue light bar at the bottom tells you about the health of the internal server components.
  • The LEDs at the top right of the server allow you to check the status of both hard drive and Network Interface Card (NIC) activity at a glance as well.
  • Even the power switch provides you with status information.


Included in the MicroServer Gen8, HP has developed a setup, management, and serviceability tools that make using ProLiant servers an easier experience. Built in tools of the MicroServer Gen8 include setup, health monitoring, system updates, and server management (local and remote).


HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is the engine that enables all of these tools. HP iLO Management technologies support the complete lifecycle of all HP ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 servers, from initial deployment to ongoing management and service alerting.


Many first networks rely on a router to connect the various computers together and provide access to the Internet. The HP PS110 Wireless 11n VPN Router Series is an ideal all-in-one solution for small businesses, purpose built to work with the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. This business-class router includes a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, an 802.11n Access Point for wireless connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet WAN interface for Internet connectivity, and robust security features like SPI firewall and VPN technology to safeguard your organization. In addition, it has an innovative design that allows it to be physically stacked on the MicroServer Gen8 and features internal antennas ideal for unobtrusive use in office environments.


As business expands, it relies on a switch to connect the growing number of devices to the network. The switch ensures that data sent from one computer to another arrives at the required destination. The HP PS1810 Switch Series devices are smart managed, fixed configuration Gigabit Layer 2 switches that are purpose built to work with the HP ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 servers. They are designed for small businesses looking for key networking features in an easy to administer solution and include 8- and 24-port Gigabit switch models.


Join our Coffee Coaching communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to learn more about HP products and services for SMBs. Be sure to check back next week for the final edition of our MicroServer for Dummies blog series, “10 Benefits of ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, PS110 11n, and PS1810-8G”.



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